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 song i wrote because posting is good

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PostSubject: song i wrote because posting is good   Sat Jun 20, 2009 11:53 pm

Just when I thought that I was healed
You had to rip my heart open again
To be whole sounds so unreal
For my heart will never fully mend

Its never hurt this much
And I never saw it coming
The damage that youíve done is such
That I lay here slowly numbing

Forever more Iíll lay in doubt
Not knowing just what Iím without
How ever can I think this through
And finally purge my heart of you

Giving up is all thatís left
You took my heart and final breath
Stealing all there was to me
Suffocating, I cease to breathe
Feeling abandoned and abused
All alone and so misused
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PostSubject: Re: song i wrote because posting is good   Tue Jun 30, 2009 7:57 pm

Masa ni atashi wa naotta wa
Mata omae wa atashi no kokoro wo saku
Kansen na atashi wa jittai no nai yo
Dakara atashi no kokoro wo naosu keshite

Kono kutsuu wa osoroshii
Soshite, kore wa mienai keshite yo
Kono songai wa osoroshii
Soshite, atashi wa osoi mahi yo

Zutto, zutto utagai no naka ni iru wa
Nani ga hoshii, atashi wakaranai, sonna no
Demo, sonna no omou yo
Soshite, atashi no kokoro ga omae no koto wo kiyomeru

Dake suru wa tomeru yo
Atashi no kokoro to saigo iki wa omae ga totta wa
Subete wa omae ga sutooru yo
Atashi no iki wa owari yo
Misuteru to ranyou wa
Hitori to goyou wa

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song i wrote because posting is good
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