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 A Girl, Her Dog and A Vampire. (my friend ray wrote this)

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PostSubject: A Girl, Her Dog and A Vampire. (my friend ray wrote this)   Mon Dec 15, 2008 6:40 pm

Chapter 1. The Storm.

It was a stormy night.
The wind was howling, the rain was pounding on my window.
Lightning lit up the whole sky.
Thunder shook the house.
I was watching the storm when my dog wimpered.
"What now?" I asked earitated as I got up from the bed.
He led me towards the front door.
"Right now?"
He whimpered again.
"Okay, but it's raining."
I opened the door and he was out before I could blink.
I stood by the open door watching the storm again, waiting.
My big fury mutt, distracted me.
He was barking at the edge of the street.
I couldn't see anything threw the rain.
"Max?" I called into the rain.
"Max, come!" I ordered.
Nothing, the barking continued.
"Maxy! Come on!" I begged, feeling a little scared.
Max stoped barking.
I felt my stomache turn, when I relized what he was staring at.
My heart started pounding in my chest.
"Max!" I tried to call.
I couldn't stand still, I started to run towards my golden mutt.
He just sat there, like he was under a trance.
"Max, c'mon, Hurry!" I begged and took a hold of his collar.
He didn't move.
I began to shake.
"Max, please come on!" I whispered as I heard thunder shake the earth beneth us.
He obayed and we ran in the house.
I slammed the door shut and ran towards the basment.
Max was right beside me.
I opened the basment door and heard a screeching noise.
I looked behind us and saw the dark figure move fast into the basement.
I couldn't help it.
I screamed.
Max barked and then went silent.
Before I could look at him though I felt someone slam me into the wall.
"Don't move." It growled.
I obeyed, trying not to tremble.
My head throbbed from it hitting the concrete wall.
"Where is it?" The figured demanded, and removed it's hand from my mouth.
Thunder rumbled.
"Where is what?" I asked in a high squeak.
"You know what I'm talking about! Now, where did you put it?"
"Put what?! And where's my dog?" I snapped.
"Don't worry about him, he's just tied to the table leg."
If I hadn't been threatend I would have laughed.
"Now, tell me where it is!"
I felt cold shaky hands press against my neck.
"I really don't know what your talking about!"
My voice shook with the thunder.
I felt it's hands tighten against my skin.
Air wasn't coming as easily as before, my heart thudded more rapidly, the icey hands released there grip a little.
I gasped for air.
"Tell me where it is."
The voice was a little calmer, but still threatening.
Lightning flashed and I saw the figure more clearer.
It was a pale man, with black hair and deep crimson eyes.
"I swear," I whispered holding back tears. "I don't know what your talking about."
He took a step back and removed his hands from me.
"I'll be back! You can count on it!" He snapped and he fled to the glass door.
I couldn't see anything more, but I heard the glass shatter on the floor.
I felt my body tremble to the floor.
I sat there staring into the darkness.
What was he talking about?
Would he really be back?
Why was his eyes red like that?
Is he really going to kill me if he doesn't get what he wants?
Thunder lit up the room and I saw Max sitting there with a muzzle on.
He must be really fast to get that on without me noticing.
I stood up trying to regain my balance and walked towards Max.
"No more doing your buissness in a storm!" I scolded and untied him.
He just gave me a big doggish smile.
I patted his golded fur.
It was soft and warm, just like a blanket, but shaggier than a rug.
He must have senced my fear, he laid his head on my sholder.
I hugged him back.
Thunder rattled everywhere.
Lightning lit up the room.
We just sat there, trembeling together, watching the storm.
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Clam Ninja


: : ...Wham Bam Right In The Clam...
Female Aquarius Pig Age : 23
Number of posts : 3457
Yen : 4818
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PostSubject: Re: A Girl, Her Dog and A Vampire. (my friend ray wrote this)   Mon Dec 15, 2008 6:41 pm

Chapter 2. The picture.

The next morning, I woke up to hot, stinky breath.
"Ten more minutes..." I groaned as Max moved from underneath my head.
I wasn't ready for him to move, and I smacked my head on the concrete floor.
"Ouch! Next time warn me when your moving!" I growled at him.
He just barked as if laughing.
I rubbed my eyes and noticed I had fallen asleep in the basement.
In a second, my memory flashed over every thing that happend last night.
The storm, Max, the man, his eyes, his skin, the glass shattering.
I shivered remembering what he said, 'I'll be back! You can count on it!'
He'll be back, great!
I don't even know what he's looking for!
Whatever, if he kills me I don't have to keep waking up to stinky dog breath.
Max barked.
"What do you want," I shouted. "You almost got me killed, and your still not saticfied?!"
He barked again and nudged the door.
"Oh, so your hungry?"
I sighed and opened the door to the stairs.
A huge gust of wind blew and I saw the glass on the floor.
Great, another mess I have to clean!
Max barked to get my attention.
"Yeah yeah! I hear ya loud and clear! Geesh."
I ran up the stairs and walk towards the kitchen.
Max, of course, followed.
I opened the cabinet with the dog food, and grabbed the bag.
His gold tail whiped back and fourth.
I filled his bowl and watched him stand there, head cocked to the side and licked his chops, then began to eat.
I rolled my eyes, and put his food away.
I stood, leaned over on the counter studying a picture.
It was my Mom, Max, me and someone else.
He had pale skin, with Golden eyes and black hair.
I thought about that night when my mom disapeared.
I was about eight, she had gone out to dinner with him, and she never came home.
He clamed he had driven her to the dance club and someone had taken her away.
Like I believe that!
I knew he had something to do with it, but I don't know what.
I glanced the picture again.
For some reason when I looked at the picture a second time the man seemed...familiar.
I know I've never seen him before, he'd always pick her up outside and waited in the car.
His black hair, his pale skin...but his eyes...his eye color didn't look familiar.
I thought and the memory of the man's face poped into my head, It's the same guy!
My heart skipped a beat and I choked, slipping from the counter and landing on the floor.
Max just looked at me as if saying, "Look how clumsy you are!"
I glared at him and got back up to my feet.
Could he really be the same guy?
Could this be his twin?
If so, then why did he come back?
Why did he try to kill me?
What does he want?
The questions poured into my head.
It was hard to concentrate.
The phone rang.
All my thoughts seemed to disapear just like mom did.
I leaped towards the phone and answered it.
"Yes, is this Rosia Thompson?"
"Umm...yes this is, why?"
No one called me Rosia one except my mom.
My friends usually called me Rosy, Ross, Rose.
"Thank Heavens your alright! My darling, where are you?"
The voice sounded familiar.
Like mom's voice.
"Mom? Is it really you?"
"Rosia! Has he hurt you?" My mom sounded worried.
"Henry, he hasn't stoped by at all?"
Henry...why does that name ring a bell?
Then I saw the picture, my hands started to shake and quickly pulled out the picture from the frame.
Sure enough, Henry's name was on the back along with mine and my mother's and Max.
"Rosia? Are you still there?"
"H-he's Henry?" I asked in a small voice.
"Did he hurt you?"
"N-no." I lied, I didn't want her to worry.
"Good, I was so worried about you!" She sounded calmer.
"Mom, what's going on? I haven't seen you in like 5 years and here you are asking me if I've seen your ex!"
"I know, I'm so sorry! I meant to call earlier but somethings came up."
Somethings came up?! That's your excuse?
"Are you coming home anytime soon?"
"Umm...I dont know...I'm really busy and I need to go! Sorry sweetie. I love you bye!"
The line went dead.
What the heck?
That was weird...5 years and she desides to call me now?!
I decied to earse the memory of the phone call and focus on...why had she called?
Did she know about Henry coming?
Did she send him here for something?
Somthing I didn't know about?
Whatever it is I need to figure it out before he comes back...
I looked at the picture and stared at his eyes.
Why where they red last night?
I remembered reading something online about Vampires and having the smae kind of eyes.
Could he be a vampire?
Well if mom hung around eyes widend.
Could Henry and Mom be Vampires?
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A Girl, Her Dog and A Vampire. (my friend ray wrote this)
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