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 DNA, [Aka, Demons n' Angels]

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: : Broken Hearted, Dying Slowly and YOU Still Don't Care
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PostSubject: Re: DNA, [Aka, Demons n' Angels]   Sun Feb 22, 2009 1:01 am

Chii goes over to Hana who was up against a tree trying to keep from fainting. Chii pulls out medical tape she kept in her sleeve just in case something like this happend. she wrapped hanas hands and stomach.
"Its nothing bad Chii." Hana giggles trying to make light of the moment.
Chii giggles a bit still worried about everyone. "at least its nothing bad... it could have been worse."
Hana nods "Im fine for now help Jimen please."
Chii nods as she walks over to Jimen who was sprawled out laying against a tree. "I hope you'll be ok...." she picks him up onto her back not caring about the blood. "Hana, If you lean on me could you walk?"
Shiiro takes Jimen off Chiis back "You help Hana, I've got Jimen...." he turns away from chii and walks away.
Hana put her weight on Chii and the walk together as they fallow shiiro to the nearest town.
Chii looked at Omake "What about him?"
Shiiro turned back then started walking again "Hes a traitor leave him."

Hana couldn't walk much more "Chii I need a break...."
Chii lifts Hana onto her back "Shiiro isn't going to stop.... just dont bounce around."
Hana giggles but right after Chii said that Hana fell asleep on Chiis back.
Shiiro looked back to see how far behind chii was but he kept walking keeping a good 5 meters ahead of her.
Chii stared at the back of shiiros head feeling ashamed of hitting him.
Shiiro stops "Theres a town."
Chii stands next to him for a moment but then goes ahead of shiiro.

they get to the town at the first thing they see is the 'hospital'. chii and shiiro run to it as fast as they're legs ccould take them. they get in side and nurses immadatly come and grab the wounded. Shiiro fallows a nurse to a room to get bandaged up. Chii sat outside of Shiiros room they wouldn't let Hana nor Jimen be seen at the moment.
Chii played with he necklace that was still around her neck. 'oh yeah.... I have to give this back to shiiro...' she just store off into the distance untill the nurse to Chii she could go see Shiiro.
Chii goes into the room to see Shiiro shirtless with allmost his entire chest bandaged his left arm and his back. "Shiiro how do you feel?"
Shiiro looked away from Chii. "Fine, I guess..."
Chiis eyes started welling up with tears "Whats the matter with you!? I don't understand you at all!"
Shiiro jumped at the sudden shreik of Chiis voice. "Chii...."
Chii backed away from him "You act nice, but I bet your a jerk for real!"
Shiiro stands up and reaches his hand out to Chii touching her cheak, she layed her head in his hand holding it to her cheak. Shiiro smiles "You don't relly think that."
Chii shakes her her tears rolling down her face.
Shiiro puts his other hand on chiis other cheak lifting her head to him "I'm sorry."
Chii blushes trying to keep her eyes away from Shiiros but her eyes store back into his.
Shiiro moved forward and kissed Chii.

Sun, caiden and sora all wake up in horrid pain.
Sun stands up like nothing happend and went immedatly over to Caiden "Are you okay?"
Caiden sits up with bruises all down his body his fingers mostly all broken "Heh, define okay."
Sora gets up and huddles over for a moment then sits up. "They left trash behind." she grips her side with one arm the other pointing to Omake.
Sun walks over to him and kicks him good "Wake up!"
Omake looks up at Sun "......."
Sora gets up slowly "Leave him be hes trash. not useful anymore."
Omake lay on the ground without saying a word watched the other three limp away...
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: : Broken Hearted, Dying Slowly and YOU Still Don't Care
Female Scorpio Rooster Age : 24
Number of posts : 2367
Yen : 4330
Location : Sitting on a time bomb :>
Languages : I do not speak
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PostSubject: Re: DNA, [Aka, Demons n' Angels]   Sun Feb 22, 2009 2:44 am

Chii wraped her arms around Shiiros neck and he wraps his arms around chiis waist. Shiiro was waiting for this for a long time so he wasn't about to let chii go any ways. the neck lace fell between the two and when they moved closer it it pirced Chiis neck and made it bleed.
She broke the kiss by backing down when to necklace got her "Ow!" she whined.
Shiiro noticed the cut right when chii pulled away, then he remembered that Chii was still waring the necklace. "I should have taken this off of you...." as he was unhooking the necklace and he licked the bleeding wound.
Chii struggled when shiiro did that "S-Shiiro!"
Shiiro got done unhooking the necklace then he put it into his pocket and move in to kiss Chii again.
A nurse walks in "Hey your fr-----" she stops to see shiiro pinning Chii to the wall they're faces close together.
Shiiro lets chii go and chii bows to the nurse "Gomen, Gomen!" she pleaded.
the nurse turns her back to them "Your friends are up stairs the second door to your right...." she walks off.
Chii ran after the Nurse so Shiiro couldn't continue and she wanted to see if The two were ok.
Shiiro chuckled as he fallowed slower behind chii.

Later the other three that barly got away got to there base (What a miracal) but it wasn't a pleasent vist, Yoshi wasn't in a good mood. "You three come back, toren skin, broken bones, and expect me to just welcome you back when clearly you didn't finsh the task?!" Yoshi chuckles "Hardly! I have a second group, so don't worry... Mina, Rein and Katsuya come!"
The three come out from the door behind Yoshi. one a white haired 'princess', a green haired elf with souless eyes and hawk wingd angel.
"Hai!" Mina cheerd.
Rein just studdied everyone.
Katsuya bowd "good day."
Sora stared at the three and sneered "Right, newbies."
Sun and Caiden laugh but stop when Yoshi glares.
"They will continue your mission, you three are off duty for a LONG time." Yoshi sneers then turns to the other three....

Chii was keeping Hana company while Shiiro kept Jimen company. Chii touched hanas hair that was torn up pretty badly and she chuckles "I think we are going to et a hair cut and some new clothes as well tomarow."
Hana nods "I agree.... why do they keep us in these nasty bloody clothes!"
Chii sighs "This isn't the best town to start a new life but its a start."

Shiiro played with the necklace that was around his neck again then he looked at Jimen again.
"what are we going to do?" Jimen asks sitting up just barly.
Shiiro shakes his head. "I don't know... It's all going so fast."
Jimen laughs at shiiro "You allways the one to rush in...."
Shiiro chuckles back "But now I've got her life to worry about...."
Jimen nods "If she has made it this far, like you tell omake and I all the time, she'll be fine like allway."
Shiiro nods "Yeah."

Chii walks out of the room and askes the nurse when they will be able to come out.
"Tomarow, they will be able to do a little but the can make it."
Chii nods and turns to shiiro onces she see him come out of the room.
Shiiro grabs her hand "Lets go back to the room."
Chii blushes "Ok, but I'm not going to do anything with you."
Shiiro laughs as he was being lead to the room.
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DNA, [Aka, Demons n' Angels]
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