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 Past Whisper

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As Great As Konata

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PostSubject: Past Whisper   Fri Jun 12, 2009 12:11 am


"Anata wa ai shite iru," is what the man said before he left. She didn't know his name, his face, or even what he said. All she knew was that she wouldn't have been living if he was never there.
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As Great As Konata

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PostSubject: Re: Past Whisper   Fri Jun 12, 2009 12:43 am

◇First Whisper◇

"Ami?" a voice called from outside. A girl with short neon green hair stepped out of the car and waved frantically at an upstairs window.
Ami poked her head out of her window, "Hm? daki, what is it?"
"Ami, you're making us late..." Daki whined as a response.
"Late? But I still have an hour to get ready." Ami checked her clock, it read 4:45 PM.
Daki shook her head, "Ami, you didn't set your clock an hour forward yet have you?"
"Huh? Why would I do that?" she asked.
"Daylight Savings time, remember?"
"Oh crap I completely forgot that was last night! Hang on, I'll be right down!"
Ami frantically pulled her long blue hair back into a ponytail and stumbled across the house to find her house keys. She spotted them lying on the kitched table, and snatched them, shoving them into her sweat shirt pocket. Ami fumbled around trying to slip her tennis shoes one before calling to he raunt, "I'm leaving now, I'll see you in a bit!"
Ami slammed the door behind her and ran out to the car, "Sorry I'm late."
Daki grabbed Ami's shoulders and pushed her towards the beat seat, "That's alright just get in."
She obdiently slid into the beat seat and shut the door. After fastening her seatbelt, she looked up to see that Daki wasn't driving the car. It was their friend Takumi who was at the wheel. He glanced at Ami in the rear view mirror and smiled, "Hi Ami~."
Ami grinned back, "Hi Takumi, thatnks for giving us a ride."
Daki swatted his arm, "Hurry up and drive, we're already late!"
He jumped, "Ah right sorry." He backed out of the driveway and drove steadily down the street to where their friend Nami lived.

After driving for 15 minutes, Takumi pulled his car into Nami's driveway, "We're here~."
Daki hurriedly got out of the car and flew up the frontstep and rang the door bell.
Ami yawned and slowly got out of the car, along with Takumi. She stretched her arms and legs out and trudged beside her friend up the driveway.
"I heard you forgot about Daylight Savings Time, Ami," he snickered.
"Hm? Oh, yeah. I did. That's why," she yawned, "I'm so tired today."
"Well I hope you stay awake while we hang out at Nami's house."
She laughed, "Yeah, me too."
When they finally reached the front step, Nami had already unlocked the door and the two walked inside.
"Hello Ami!!!!" Nami called from the kitchen, "Come on in~!"
Ami slid her shoes off and made her way to the kitchen, "Hi, sorry we're late, I forgot about Daylight Savings Time."
Takumi walked into the kitchen and leaned against the wall, "It's true."
Daki perked her head up, "Yeah! Yeah! She did! Heeheeehee."
Nami giggled, "That's Ami for ya'." She turned to the fridge, "You do you guys want anything to drink?"
Ami rose her hand, "Water please."
Daki jumped up and down, "Anything with caffine will do!"
Takumi shrugged, "Whatever is more convient for you, I guess."
Nami poured a glass of water for the four of them, "Drink up."
Daki pouted to herself, but picked up a glass of water off the counter anyways.
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Obviously Amused

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PostSubject: Re: Past Whisper   Fri Jun 12, 2009 10:26 pm

This is even better!!! YOU NEED TO KEEP WRITING!!!
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As Great As Konata

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PostSubject: Re: Past Whisper   Tue Jun 30, 2009 9:41 pm

Takumi glanced at his watch, "Hey are we gonna get going soon? I have to be home by eleven or my mom will have my head."
Ami set her glass in the sink, "Yeah, he's right, the fair won't last forever~."
Nami shrugged, "If we're all ready, let's go."
Daki's face lit up, "Woo! Let's go!"
Takumi laughed, "Alright, well the car is waiting outside. Let's get a move on."
Daki skippsed out the door, followed by Nami.
Ami smiled and ran after her two friends, "Hey wait up!"
Takumi unlocked the car, "Alright, let's pile in."
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As Great As Konata

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PostSubject: Re: Past Whisper   Sat Aug 01, 2009 10:48 pm

◇Second Whisper◇

"Uwaaa~" Daki expressed as she saw the lights from all the rides and stands illuminating the area. She bounced on he balls of her feet, "Let's go! Let's go! Before the lines get too long!"
Nami gripped Daki's shoulders, "Settle down will you? The crowd shouldn't get any bigger than this. Besides the fair is open until midnight, we have all night!"
Ami stared down at her shoes feeling left out of the conversation because of her fear of rides.
Takumi nudged her gently on left arm, "Hey, we didn't come here to play emo. We're all here to have fun!"
Ami looked up at him, "'re right..."
He frowned, "If you want to, I'll sit out a few times when we go on rides so you're not alone all night."
Panicked about worrying her friend, "No-no that's okay! I wouldn't want to spoil your night! We're here to have fun right? Maybe I'll go play some games while I wait for you guys to come off the rides or something!"
"Are you sure? Because I ca-"
"It's fine! Really! I'm all smiling faces over here!" she said with a big smile across her face.
A laugh came from Takumi's throat, "Okay then. That's Ami!"
He walked over to the other two girls to explain the plan to them.
"Alright let's go already!" Daki squealed before sprinting to the nearest thrill ride she could find while the other raced to catch up.

Ami sighed and trudged to a food stand to buy herself a funnel cake. She quickly paid for it and took a seat at an empty bench.
"This is fun. Yeah. Totally and completely fun..." Ami tried to tell herself, but ended up hanging her head in sadness.
"You hair is in your food," a male voice pointed out carelessly.
"Huh?" Ami snapped her head up and saw powdered sugar residue stuck in her hair, "Thanks..." She looked up at from where the voice had come from and saw a boy with deep green eyes and jet black hair standing in front of the bench, staring off into space.
"Yeah, no problem. Is this seat taken?" he asked.
"Ah, no. It's not," she answered shyly ans he took his seat.
"Um....can I ask your name?" she peeped out.
Not even bothering to look at her, he replied, "Jin."
"I'm Ami, nice to meet you Jin..."
He didn't reply.
Ami tossed her empty plate into the trash beside her and looked up at the stars, "You can barely see them tonight. It's too bright."
"I noticed," he said, "That's why I go out of the city to look at them."
"Oh," she replied bluntly, 'I guess he really doesn't want to talk to me. I am a stranger after all. I guess I should go check on the others...'
Ami stood up and grabbed her purse, "It was nice talking to you, Jin. But I have to go meet some people."
Jin's eyes widened for a moment before he regained himself, "Yeah okay bye."
"Have a nice night. Bye!" she said and ran off towards the giant spinning strawberries.
'That was definately her, I know it was...'

◇End Second Whisper◇
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PostSubject: Re: Past Whisper   

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Past Whisper
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