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 Karatsu No Yoru Issues~ WOOO~~~

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PostSubject: Karatsu No Yoru Issues~ WOOO~~~   Sun Feb 15, 2009 7:57 pm

Here I am making another story~!

Hope you like it~!

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PostSubject: Re: Karatsu No Yoru Issues~ WOOO~~~   Sun Feb 15, 2009 11:39 pm

First one~

Kara ran as fast as her legs could take her. Today, she was going to be late to work since her testing took longer than expected. Her light purple hair bounced as she ran. Hopefully she’d get there before Yoru noticed, or else he’d surely kill her. Kara finally got to the café and slipped in through the back. She slid off her school uniform and started to change into her café outfit when Yoru walked in.
“Get out, get out! I’m changing!” Kara turned and screamed at Yoru, covering herself with her clothes.
Yoru stared at her for a few seconds and coughed. “Ahem. I’m your superior. You don’t tell me what to do.”
Kara turned to the wall again, zipping up her sweatshirt. She turned back to Yoru and pointed angrily at him. “Don’t watch younger girls change!” She yelled, her gray eyes flaming with anger.
Yoru walked up to Kara and grabbed the hood of her sweatshirt. He dragged her out to the seating area and let go. “Just do your job.” He stated, then turned to go back to his office.
Kara cursed to herself and picked up some pieces of paper.
“Guten tag!” Ari shouted as she walked in the door with her friend Anoko.
“Konbanwa!” Anoko shouted, a bit quieter than Ari.
Everyone in the café turned to them and cheered.
“Look! It’s the sprites!” One chirped.
“They’re so cute!” Another cooed.
Ari and Anoko both bowed the crowd and walked over to the counter to take orders.
Kara watched the two happy girls in envy until Kyaku knocked her over, running from fangirls in the café. Miro was following him closely, also being chased. “Help!” They both called in unison.
Ari turned to the two and grabbed both of them by the neck, pulling them in and kissing them both on the cheek. “I was wondering when the rabid fangirls would get here.”
The fangirls stopped and glared at Ari in anger, but one by one they left.
Kyaku smiled and was released by Ari. He hugged her tightly and smiled. “Thank you!” He pulled back and joked. “Ugh, the life of male cosplay café waiters.”
Miro was released by Ari and ran to the bathroom right away to wash his face off.
Anoko laughed at the two and returned to work.
Kara couldn’t take it anymore. “We’re suppost to be working! Come on!” She yelled in frustration.
Everyone in the café whined in protest.

At the end of the work day, everyone had to clean up together. Yoru was amazingly picky about how the café looked. Arin and Kyaku were cleaning the bathrooms, Miro and Anoko were sweeping and Kara was doing the dishes.
Kara stared at the back of Yoru’s head and blushed. ‘Why can’t we be the same age and together…’ She thought, looking down.
Yoru turned to her and chuckled as Kara’s head shot down so he wouldn’t see her blush.

Ari squealed. “Spider!” A black spot moved across the floor and she screamed again.
Kyaku came running from his stall and squished it rapidly. “There you go…” He sighed, catching his breath.
Ari blushed hard. “Thank you!”
Kyaku blushed back at Ari. “You’re welcome…”

Anoko and Miro were talking about things they did over break and were laughing hard at everything.
“Yeah! I almost broke my brother’s toe!” Miro laughed.
Anoko giggled back. “It must be fun to have siblings.”
Miro shrugged. “We’re close in age, so we get along pretty well.”
Anoko smiled. “You’re lucky!”
Miro shook his head, blushing a little. “Here! Take my brother for the week!”
Anoko laughed back. “No way!”

Kara smiled, overhearing all the cute ‘couples’. Although, none of them were really together. They just seemed like they were. “They’re lucky…” Kara sighed.
Yoru turned to Kara again. “Hmmm?”
Kara shook her head and smiled. “You won’t ever understand.”

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Karatsu No Yoru Issues~ WOOO~~~
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