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 Gothic bands~

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Clam Ninja


: : ...Wham Bam Right In The Clam...
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PostSubject: Gothic bands~   Thu Jan 22, 2009 5:30 pm

13 Candles (United Kingdom)
13th Moon (Japan)
1919 (United Kingdom)
26 Tears (Belgium)
45 Grave (California, USA)
99 Stellavista (New York, USA)
Actifed (United Kingdom)
Adoration (United Kingdom)
After Dusk (Greece)
Ahráyeph (Belgium)
Aidons la Norvège (Italy)
Alien Sex Fiend (United Kingdom)
All Gone Dead (United Kingdom)
All Living Fear (United Kingdom)
Andi Hayes (California, USA)
Antiworld (Oregon, USA)
Asmodi Bizarr (Germany)
A Spectre Is Haunting Europe (Canada)
Astrovamps (California, USA)
Ausgang (United Kingdom)
Avant-Garde (Italy)
Awakening, The (South Africa)
Balaam And The Angel (United Kingdom)
Bauhaus (United Kingdom)
Batzz in the Belfry (California, USA)
Beauty for Ashes (New York, USA)
Bell, Book & Candle (Germany)
Big Electric Cat (Australia)
Bitter Grace (New York, USA)
Black Atmosphere (Washington, USA)
Black Chanterelle (Italy)
Black Ice (California, USA)
Bloody Dead & Sexy (Germany)
Bohemien (Italy)
Bolshoi, The (United Kingdom)
Bone Orchard (United Kingdom)
Breath of Life, The (Belgium)
Brotherhood Of Pagans (France)
Brillig (Australia)
Burning Image (California, USA)
Castrati (France)
Catastrophe Ballet (Germany)
Cemetary Girlz, The (France)
Chants Of Maldoror (Italy)
Children Of Stun (United Kingdom)
Christian Death (California, USA)
Chrysalis Morass (France)
Cinema Strange (California, USA)
Coffinettes, The (Michigan, USA)
Corpus Delicti (France)
Craft, The (United Kingdom)
Cure, The (United Kingdom)
Curiosity (Belgium)
Curse Of The Vampire (France)
Damned, The (United Kingdom)
Dance With The Gloom (France)
Darkness Visible (Australia)
Darlings' Cabinet Of Sundry Horror (New Jersey, USA)
Daughters of Bristol, The (Washington, USA)
Dead Artist Syndrome (California, USA)
Deadchovsky (France)
Deadfly Ensemble, The (New York, USA)
Dead Guitars (United Kingdom)
Dearest Death (Texas, USA)
Decima Victima (Spain)
De Volanges (Belgium)
Doppelgänger (Russia)
Eat Your Make-Up (France)
Elusive (Norway)
Erato (Belgium)
Eternal Chapter, The (South Africa)
Eternal Fall, The (Spain)
Euroshima (Argentina)
Eva O Halo Experience (California, USA)
Every New Dead Ghost (United Kingdom)
Ex-VoTo (California, USA)
Eye's of The Nightmare Jungle (Germany)
Faces of Sarah, The (United Kingdom)
Faith and the Muse (California, USA)
Fangs On Fur (California, USA)
Fields of the Nephilim (United Kingdom)
Flesh Eaters, The (California, USA)
Frank The Baptist (California, USA)
Garden of Delight (Germany)
Gene Loves Jezebel (United Kingdom)
Ghost Dance (United Kingdom)
Ghost Of Lemora (United Kingdom)
Giardino Violetto (Italy)
Gloria Mundi (United Kingdom)
Goat Of Bethlehem, The (Brazil)
Gorgonas (Mexico)
Gotterdammerung (Netherlands)
Graveyardz, The (Argentina)
Holy Cow (Massachusetts, USA)
Human Disease (Italy)
IKON (Australia)
Inkubus Sukkubus (United Kingdom)
Jacquy Bitch (France)
Katzenjammer Kabarett (France)
Kill Sister Kill (California, USA)
Kommunity FK (California, USA)
La Peste Negra (Spain)
Last Days Of Jesus, The (Slovakia)
Laughing Mothers, The (United Kingdom)
Lestat (Ohio, USA)
Leichenliebe (Germany)
L’ Insignifiante Morte (Mexico)
Lords Of The New Church (United Kingdom)
Los Paralitikos (Spain)
Love Like Blood (Germany)
Luiza Fria (Brazil)
Lycia (Arizona, USA)
Lyncelia (France)
Madame Edwarda (Japan)
Madre Del Vizio (Germany)
Mailuna (California, USA)
Malaise (Sweden)
March Violets, The (United Kingdom)
Marionettes, The (United Kingdom)
Mask For (Germany)
Mephisto Walz (California, USA)
Merry Thoughts, The (Germany)
Miguel and the Living Dead (Poland)
Miranda Sex Garden (United Kingdom)
Mission, The (United Kingdom)
Murder At The Registry (Germany)
Naughty Zombies (Spain)
Naked And The Dead, The (New York, USA)
Nervous Choir (United Kingdom)
Neva (France)
New Days Delay (Germany)
NFD (United Kingdom)
Nietzsche's Bitch (Mexico)
Nosferatu (United Kingdom)
Novocaine Mausoleum (Russia)
Of A Mesh (New York, USA)
Parálisis Permanente (Spain)
Paralysed Age (Germany)
Pauvre Maltea (Wisconsin, USA)
Phaida (Japan)
Phantom Limbs, The (California, USA)
Phantom Vision (Portugal)
Pink Turns Blue (Germany)
Pins And Needles (California, USA)
Plague, The (New York, USA)
Play Dead (United Kingdom)
Pretentious, Moi? (United Kingdom)
Prophetess, The (California, USA)
Quidam (Spain)
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry (United Kingdom)
Red Lipstick Death (Missouri, USA)
Redemption (Utah, USA)
Rosetta Stone (United Kingdom)
Rubella Ballet (United Kingdom)
RRRRRRR (Uruguay)
Salvation (United Kingdom)
Sator Codex (Sweden)
Scarlet and the Spooky Spiders (Italy)
Scarlet's Remains (California, USA)
Scary Bitches (Germany)
Screaming Banshee Aircrew (United Kingdom)
Screams For Tina (California, USA)
Screaming Dead (United Kingdom)
Sexbeat (United Kingdom)
Sex Gang Children (United Kingdom)
Shadow Project (California, USA)
Shallow Graves, The (Germany)
Shroud, The (California, USA)
Siouxsie and The Banshees (United Kingdom)
Sisters of Mercy, The (United Kingdom)
Sisters Of Murphy, The (United Kingdom)
Skeletal Family (United Kingdom)
Slaveshadow (Illinois, USA)
Sleeping Children (France)
Solemn Novena (United Kingdom)
Sombrance (Missouri, USA)
Southern Death Cult (United Kingdom)
Specimen (United Kingdom)
Spiritual Bat, The (Italy)
Star Industry (Belgium)
Strange Dolls Cult (Austria)
Subterfuge (Australia)
Super Heroines (California, USA)
Suspiria (United Kingdom)
Swandeath (Belgium)
Tears For The Dying (Georgia, USA)
Thatch Noir (Australia)
Theatre Of Hate (United Kingdom)
This Burning Effigy (United Kingdom)
Tones on Tail (United Kingdom)
Toys Went Berserk (Australia)
Twisted Nerve (United Kingdom)
Two Witches (Finland)
UK Decay (United Kingdom)
UltraNoir (Finland)
Vendemmian (United Kingdom)
Violet Stigmata (France)
Virgin Prunes (Ireland)
Voices of Masada (United Kingdom)
Voodoo Church (California, USA)
Wailing Wall (California, USA)
Wake, The (Ohio, USA)
Witching Hour UK (United Kingdom)
Wounded, The (Netherlands)
XIII. Století (Czech Republic)
Xmal Deutschland (Germany)
Zadera (Germany)
Zombie Zex (Sweden)
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Clam Ninja


: : ...Wham Bam Right In The Clam...
Female Aquarius Pig Age : 23
Number of posts : 3457
Yen : 4996
Location : ....
Languages : ....
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PostSubject: Re: Gothic bands~   Thu Jan 22, 2009 5:32 pm

~post punk list~

Adam and the Ants
And Also The Trees
Alaska Y Los Pegamoides
All About Eve
Birthday Party, The
Chameleons, The
Church, The
Echo and the Bunnymen
Flesh For LuLu
Jesus And Mary Chain,The
Joy Disaster
Joy Division
Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons
Love and Rockets
Pitch Black Murder
Public Image Ltd.
She Wants Revenge
Tones On Tails
Advent Sleep
Bella Morte
Black Tape for a Blue Girl
Clan Of Xymox
Crüxshadows, The
Danse Society, The
Dead Can Dance
Deathcamp Project
Death Ride 69
Deine Lakeien
Diary Of Dreams
Frozen Autumn, The
Hungry Ghost, The
Hungry Lucy
Imaginary Stigma
L'ame Immortelle
Last Dance, The
London After Midnight
Mark of Kane
Metro Decay
Mors Syphilitica
Mz Eva O And Her Guns
Other Day
Otto Dix
Passing Hour, The
Sopor Aeternus and the Ensemble of Shadows
Stillste Stund
Switchblade Symphony
Tragic Black
Rosa Crvx
Umbra Et Imago
Lugosi's Morphine
Other, The
Penis Flytrap
Under A Nightmare
Zombina and the Skeletones
45 Caliber Sluts
Amazing Tombstones, The
Brickbats, The
Coffin Nails,The
Cramps, The
Cult of The Psychic Fetus
Demon City Wreckers
Devilish Presley
Goners, The
Horrorpops, The
Quakes, The
Slugger City
Wolfgang Parker
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Gothic bands~
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