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 Manga Sound Effects

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PostSubject: Manga Sound Effects   Thu Aug 14, 2008 11:36 pm

A and B


A! あ! = Exclamation of surprise, alarm, amazement, relief, frustration, fury.

Aan アアン = Opening the mouth wide, as in "Say ah!".

Acha アチャ = Remorse.

Agi agi アギアギ = Bite bite, gnaw.

Agu agu アグアグ = Bite bite.

Arayotto, hoisatto アラヨット、ホイサット = These are used when one is doing some physical task and finishing it easily.


Ba バ = Sudden impact. English equivalents would be: Bam, bang, crash, ka-boom, thump, thud, wham, whomp, etc.

Bachi バチ = Crackle.

Bagu バグ = Impact.

Baki バキ = Impact (One of the most common impact sounds) or other very loud sound.

Ban バン = Bang! Bam!

Ban バン = Sometimes added to a scene for dramatic effect, to show that something astonishing or important has happened.

Bara bara バラバラ = Rattle rattle.

Bari bari バリバリ = crunch, as in loud eating.

Bari bari バリバリ = Scratch scratch.

Bari bari バリバリ = Rip rip.

Bari bari バリバル = Crackle, crackle of energy or electricity and quieter.

Basa バサ = Rustling like cloth sliding, paper moving.

Bashan バシャン = Medium splash.

Bashi, bashito バシ、バシト = Impact.

Bata, batan バタ、バタン = Impact, often used for falling down.

Batan バタン = Door slamming.

Bachiri バチリ = precise, proper, accurate.

Becho ベチョ = Dropping something, usually something sticky.

Bee, bee da ベエ、ベエダ = Rudeness, like when you stick out your tongue and pull down your eyelid at someone.

Bero ベロ = Peeling back something.

Bero bero ベロベロ = Licking somewhat quiet, like a cat lapping up milk.

Betari ベタリ = Sticking two things together.

Beto beto ベトベト = Sticky, gummy.

Bi, biiii ビ、ビイイイ = High pitched sound.

Bicha bicha ビチャビチャ = Small splash.

Bichi bichi ビチビチ = Flopping, smacking.

Biku, bikun, bikkun ビク、ビクン、ビックン = Surprise.

Biri ビリ = Electricity, energy.

Biri biri ビリビリ = Tearing, like ripping cloth or opening a potato chip bag.

Biron ビロン = Tongue hanging out.

Bishi ビシ = Whip, slap, smack.

Bo ボ = "Whoosh" of a flame.

Bo ボ = Sluggish and exhausted.

Bochan ボチャン = Kerplunk.

Bochi bochi ボチボチ = Something happening steadily, like water dripping.

Bokan ボカン = Sudden impact.

Boketto ボケット = Gazing vacantly.

Boko ボコ = Boiling, bubbling. Can also be a 'pop' or bursting sound.

Bon ボン = Sound of magical transformation or appearance, often seen with a puff of smoke.

Bosa bosa ボサボサ = Sitting around lazily.

Boso boso ボソボソ = muttering, speaking in a hushed, unclear voice.

Bota ボタ = Dripping, possibly something thick dripping, like blood.

Boto boto, bote ボトボト、ボテ = Falling.

Botsu ボツ = Whoosh.

Buchi ブチ = Snap. Can be used metaphorically, such as snaping under the pressure of learning that the character is a father.

Buchi buchi ブチブチ = Ripping, tearing.

Buchu ブチュ = Kiss.

Buku, bukubuku ブク、ブクブク = Swelling, something swollen.

Buku, bukubuku ブク、ブクブク = Boiling, bubbles.

Bui ブイ = Sound of fingers making the V-sign.

Bunchchacha ブンチチャチャ = Music.

Bun, buun ブン、ブウン = Swish.

Buun ブウン = Buzz, whir, like an insect.

Buran ブラン = Hanging, dangling.

Burororo ブロロロ = Sound of a loud motor.

Buru ブル = A head being shaken violently.

Busu busu ブスブス = The sound of something smoldering or smoking.

Busu, busu busu, usuto, butsu ブス、ブスブス、ウスト、ブツ = Muttered complaining.

Buwa ブワ = Explosion.

Buyo buyo ブヨブヨ = Squishy and swollen.

Byu ビュ = Quick movement.

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Manga Sound Effects
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