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 Another Project {NEED HELP ON IT~!}

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: : Oh god what is this
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PostSubject: Re: Another Project {NEED HELP ON IT~!}   Sun Aug 10, 2008 2:50 pm

Alright, I got Alex's opinions~.

Pizza -
Large Slice - Fork and knife.
Small Slice - With her hands.
She likes everything but tomato.

Cone -
She loves giant waffle cones.

Eggs -
With Lawry's seasoning salt (Orange and brown bits of salt type stuff).

Rape -
She doesn't know.

Random Chats -
She doesn't know.

Nurse -
She got sick from when Allison was sick.

Akira and Shirashi -
She recommended Lucas and Jeshi as a joke.

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: : Oh god what is this
Female Libra Rooster Age : 24
Number of posts : 3252
Yen : 5726
Location : Watching too much everything
Languages : English, Japanese, German, Sindarin, Some Swedish
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PostSubject: Re: Another Project {NEED HELP ON IT~!}   Wed Aug 13, 2008 2:19 pm

Here, I tried the script again...:

R: On your mark! Get set!
A: How do you run so slowly, Megami? None the less, I was amazed at your stumble back there. Do you exercise at all, though?
D: I really try to, but it gets in the way of my computer time.

D: Om… Hey, Hogosha. What side of this thing do you eat first?
A: … The head?
D: Ah. Which side is that?
A: I think it’s the thin side.
D: Really? Why not the fat side?
A: I think of it as a seashell. Don’t cha’ think?
D: Well, it could also be a caterpillar.
A: Why…why would you think that?!
D: I just wanted to freak you out. Om!
K: Hey! I think you’d be better off not eating those chocolate caterpillar things.

D: Ya know, Kai, we were just talking about that.
K: Really? Good timing on my part, then.
D: Then what do you think of cream puffs?
K: Cream Puffs? They’re delicious! I love ‘em. But you never seem to find them anywhere. I wish I could eat them more often.
D: Oh~.
A: Where did you eat a cream puff?
K: Eh, I don’t really remember. Haven’t you ever had one?
A: Yeah, but I was just asking.
D: What about strawberry short cake? Do you like those?
K: Of course. If there’s some available, I always get one. Every layer is filled with goodness. Although, I think the strawberry is the best.
D: I haven’t had one of those in a long time…
A: I like the strawberry last, too. But sometimes I’ll get full too soon. Then I kinda feel sad about it.
D: I always leave it last, too.
A: My brother always seems to eat it all, though.
D: Yeah, that sounds like ‘im.
A: What about popsicles?
K: Popsicles?
A: I love popsicles, but… Sometimes they drop and my dogs get it. What about you, Megami?
D: I’ve never dropped it.
K: Yeah, you can rotate it. That’s what I do.
A: Oh, I get it.
K: I’m surprised you’ve never done that. But, ya know, I hate ice cream cones.
A: Really?
K: I hate the cone. I can’t stand it.
A: I actually like the cone.
D: Sometimes you can push in the ice cream as you eat.
K: You guys don’t mind the cone?
D: I love the cone, really.
K: Really?
A: I like the cone, too.
K: Ew.
D: What about rice?
K: Rice is awesome.
A: Of course. Who doesn’t like rice?
D: Oh, yesh. Rice is the best. I like it without anything on it.
A: Really?
D: Yeah. That’s the best way for me.
K: I actually like something on it. I don’t really like it plain.
D: Like what? Eggs or something?
A: Speaking of eggs… I use a special sauce.
K: What kind of sauce?
A: It’s a special brand of seasoning salt.
D: Seasoning salt?
A: It goes well with eggs, but also a ton of other stuff. On eggs, you just pour it on and there you have it! I don’t like eggs without it.
D: Ah…
A: But I’ve never tried it on boiled eggs.
D: Oh, I love boiled eggs. My parents don’t really like them that way, so we end up with fried eggs most of the time. I just poke at it. And then see if I can make hard boiled ones.
A: What about pizza?
D: Of course.
A: What kind do you like, Kai?
K: Well, I love lots of things on my pizza. There’s almost nothing I won’t eat on it.
A: Same here. I like anything but tomatoes on mine.
K: Pizzas are awesome, of course.
D: What about when you’re being polite or if you’re full and there’s still a slice left? It starts getting dry and nasty, but when someone comes to get it out of the way, you kinda say, “Oh, wait! We’re not done yet!” as a reflex. But then nobody ends up eating it.
K: Yeah…
A: I kinda feel sorry for that piece… Oh! What about hamburgers and barbeques?
K: At barbeques I always tend to eat a lot.
D: I don’t like them very much.
A: Really? Why not?
D: Because…
A: Eh?
D: They’re all grainy… And nasty. How can you eat those?
A: Well…
D: I used to like ‘em, but now I consider them as low as hotdogs.
A: I guess some are like that.
D: Plus, people always put the mustard and stuff on the bottom or the top and it absorbs into the bun and makes it nasty.
A: Yeah, sometimes they’ll do that.
D: That’s why I never eat them.
K: Wow. You don’t usually hear of people disliking hamburgers…
D: Oh, by the way. What’s the head of a chocolate cornet thing?

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PostSubject: Re: Another Project {NEED HELP ON IT~!}   Wed Aug 13, 2008 2:46 pm

Coolio, I likes it~!
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PostSubject: Re: Another Project {NEED HELP ON IT~!}   

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Another Project {NEED HELP ON IT~!}
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