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: : Oh god what is this
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PostSubject: Trick'er'Treat   Tue Nov 01, 2011 1:10 am

Hey guess what I have a story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I'm posting it here for all to see c:

My writing is rusty and bluh so uh yeah This Is Stupid

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: : Oh god what is this
Female Libra Rooster Age : 24
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PostSubject: Re: Trick'er'Treat   Tue Nov 01, 2011 1:11 am

The shout of three girls echoed through the newly open door of the large house they stood in front of. They were not young girls, no, but people would not simply just open and abandon the door upon the sight of twenty-somethings trick-or-treating, would they?
A few moments of silence drifted between them until one spoke up.
“Uh… Well, that’s strange!” Marina stated the obvious, but earned no glares.
“Obviously.” Retorted Ashley instead.
“Did they abandon us here or did the door just open?” Ophelia titled her head and stared at the solid wood frame.
“Probably abandoned us. Though, if this is an empty mansion, we should totally look inside!” Ice blue eyes sparkled with mischief, a thing probably too often present in Ashley’s eyes.
“But what about the other houses on this street?” Marina asked, caring not so much for adventure and more for free candy.
“They can wait!” Ashley chuckled with delight and took a few steps in, pushing the door farther open with a swing.
Ophelia shrugged and followed suit, though Marina tensed up and stood at the doorstep.
Ashley, after taking in the sight of a spacious, old living area, noticed Marina not one pace from the spot she’d last seen her in. “What? Afraid of the adventure and danger?” She quipped and shot the girl a snarky grin.
Marina woke from her thoughts and blinked. “No, no! It’s just… This place gives me bad vibes… Plus there’s still more houses to attend to!” She bordered on a whine, shaking her plastic pumpkin container in the direction of the lighter haired girls and desperately clinging for a way out of their shenanigans.
“Candy’s not that important, Marina…” Ophelia raised an eyebrow and wondered what was up with her friend.
“It’s just…” She heaved a heavy sigh and finally gave up. “Fine, fine, let’s just make it quick!” Marina took her first step in and swore she heard otherworldly laughter just below the wood her feet rested on. With a shiver of panic, she nearly ran to the other two, now half way into the room.
“Wow, look at this old TV!” Ophelia marveled at what was probably a TV, but to be honest no one really knew for sure.
Marina arrived beside her, all but clutching her friend’s arm, and glanced at what Ophelia was staring at. “Doesn’t it look too old for a TV? Maybe some sort of radio…?” She drifted and noticed the other two had already moved on. Again.
Ashley sneezed from another corner of the room and caused two sets of eyes to watch her suddenly. “Look at these old portraits!” She sneezed again, dust visible from where she’d rubbed some off with the sleeve of her trench coat.
Ophelia crowded near her and took a long look at the faded paint. “How old do you think this is?” She asked to no one in particular.
Marina then joined them and took her share of staring, too. The clothing looked mish-mashed, honestly. There was a bulky man who wore an old, tattered long coat, probably from the mid-1800s. Then again, there was a shorter, more slender man next to him that was wearing obviously Victorian clothing and gave off an air of elegance, compared to the previous who seemed to excrete more of a hard working aura. The last man, on the right side, wore a modern lab coat, but was sewn up in strange places. He was, well, probably insane by the looks of it.
“Aha! These were probably the past owners!” Shouted Ashley with triumph so suddenly it made her friends jump.
“This is actually getting a lot more interesting…!” Ophelia slowly smiled. She had a thing for dark plots such as this, though it wasn’t as exposed as Ashley’s nor as hidden as Marina’s.
“Alright, alright, I admit the portrait looks intriguing.” Marina sadly smiled towards the other girls.
“Yes! Marina’s on board!” Ashley and Ophelia practically jumped in the air with jubilation.
“This means we have to split up and search for clues!” Ashley grinned and looked over to her side. “I’ll take this floor!”
Marina jumped in unexpectedly, “I call top floor!” An almost desperate sound shook her voice.
“Cool.” Ophelia’s gray eyes glittered with satisfaction. “Then I get the basement.”


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: : Oh god what is this
Female Libra Rooster Age : 24
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PostSubject: Re: Trick'er'Treat   Tue Nov 01, 2011 1:44 am

Ashley’s long strides were pronounced by the loud clicking noise her combat boots created. It reverberated through the room and made her giddy just thinking about the adventures this house must’ve been through and how much it had to offer them, especially in material goods.
The door to the right of the large living space was a kitchen, surprisingly. Stained and rusted metal was scattered absolutely everywhere, barely leaving a space for her to tread. In the middle of the room was two rows of old, wooden tables with deep knife slashes. Ashley thought for a moment that those knives must’ve been strong to cut through such nice wood… Maybe there was one or two still sitting around?
She rummaged through cabinets, shelves and odd closets, when she stumbled on one of said knives quite literally.
When she recovered with a groan and sat up, she took in the details of the blade.
It had a thick black handle to it, carved with swirling and flowing green patterns. The actual blade itself was relatively plain, if not amazingly sharp for something of its age. Though, right on the tip there was a small indent. Like… It had recently attempted to stab into something, only to come out with an odd shape on the edge.

Ophelia was weary of strangers, yes, but deep down she really wished some little monster was lurking in the house, just waiting to have some sort of gore filled romantic story with her.
This thought filled her mind as she tiptoed down the cranky, old stairs she believed with any wrong move could easily break apart and fall.
When she reached the bottom, relieved of that adventure, she took to scanning the basement. It was large, yes, but not as large as the top two floors. Down here was actually quite different in other ways.
Ophelia could find no living spaces of any kind besides a lumped up maybe-bed in the corner of a room filled with large glass tubes that could she could fit inside snuggly. In fact, the whole basement seemed to be a lab of some sort.
Test tubes scattered every which way, glass shattered on the floor and a light hum of electricity still flowing rapidly through wires she had to duck under.
All of the rooms seemed dark, but not as dark as the main floor had been. This basement still felt… Alive somehow.

Marina knew she shouldn’t have come in this mansion. Her nerves were in such a tight ball she could hardly move.
The top floor was mainly bedrooms, bathrooms and a dotting of recreational rooms, as she expected. What she had not expected, however, was when she pulled open a large door only a few inches and witnessed what seemed to be a large library.
Her eyes might as well fallen from their sockets and onto the floor.
She didn’t dare enter in more than a few feet, barely tucking into the space her weak arms had allowed her to push from the door, but from here she could already see that the library expanded much farther back than expected and probably could fit three or four of her own house inside.
In her awe, she didn’t notice the light wavering of a few voices chatting in a back corner of the room. She still didn’t notice when they stopped as she took another step, fading from common chit-chat to a dead silent shuffling.
Marina’s mind finally kicked a bit of sense into her and she straightened. This wasn’t her library, so she right shouldn’t be standing her gawking at books, much less actually touch any of them.
With a twist of an ankle, a step with another foot, an unknown voice asked from somewhere behind her.
“And well, well, well? What’ve we here?”

Ashley reached out to examine the knife, when a large calloused hand of a strange blue-ish hue was quicker.

Ophelia caught sight of light flickering under a door of a room she hadn’t investigated yet, thus strode up to it and unhinged it confidently, knowing it would be no more than more odd experiments.
Instead, she was met by a grin.
“Good thing I’ve been perfecting teleportation, eh? Comes in handy.”

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: : Oh god what is this
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PostSubject: Re: Trick'er'Treat   Sun Nov 06, 2011 5:22 am

Six eyes slid up slowly to face the mystery men in front of them. All of them gray-blue now facing glowing red.

Ophelia panicked, to say the least. Air rushing into her lungs faster than ever before, powered by fear, she jolted back and twisted towards the exit. When she started to run, though, she faintly noticed the basement seemed to have changed and doors were in places they weren’t before…
Her foot caught a particularly large piece of glass and with a loud clash, she was down and out. Fake blood she’d drenched on her Halloween costume before they’d left for the wretched house now mixing with her own.

Ashley just watched for movement. The thing in front of her was hardly resembled a human whatsoever. With blue-ish skin, tattered overalls, one eye missing and several stitches throughout his skin, it was only in his bones and stance that still recalled humanity.
He made a move with the knife, plunging it downwards, but Ashley was prepared and rolled away quickly. With a flip, she was on her feet and glaring her own daggers at the monster. She had only one knife on her, the one she always had in her boot for protection, but she wished desperately the knives strapped to her arm and leg weren’t plastic…
A lumbering step brought the fiend too close for comfort and in defense, Ashley smashed the side of its face so neatly, it actually collapsed a bit.
Too bad she wasn’t dealing with a normal person here.
He just smiled a terrible smile, full of gray, rotted teeth here and there.
She shuttered and kicked at his stomach but still no movement.
Instead, as she watched her next kick cut clean through his stomach and become entangled in his body, the monster man brought down the knife once more.
Right into her neck.

Marina had twisted around so slowly she figured it probably took her a full hour to do so.
When she finally met the man’s eyes, she was possibly the least terrified of the two. Instead of running or fighting, she puffed a relieved sigh and smiled.
“Are you the owner of the house?” An honestly naďve question.
“I suppose you could say that. Though I’m sure the other two would have a fit.” He calmly replied and grinned.
She registered the sharp teeth right as the light glimpsed them, but assumed nothing of it.
“Oh, you’re dressed as a vampire, too? Cool.” A slightly nervous gulp, but still calm. “I think the classics are too barbaric and the contemporary too wussy, so I tried for something in between in my, uh, costume…”
That time he did not reply, instead quirked an eyebrow and the next thing she knew, everything went black.

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: : Oh god what is this
Female Libra Rooster Age : 24
Number of posts : 3252
Yen : 5726
Location : Watching too much everything
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PostSubject: Re: Trick'er'Treat   Sun Nov 06, 2011 6:03 am

Ophelia’s eyes fluttered open and squeezed shut again just as quickly. Above her was something glowing as bright as the sun and for a brief moment she’d forgotten what’d happened just hours before.
When she sighed she felt pain, though.
So she let her eyes open painfully, trying to focus them and spotted several stitches marred her body.
Breath came difficultly.
Someone sat in the corner, adorned in a stained laboratory coat, blue-white hair in a mess and apparently tinkering with something involving sparks.
Suddenly, everything came back to her in a rush and a squeak out of her miserable mouth.
“Ah, I see someone’s awake again?”
He turned slowly to her, on a rolling chair, and with a push was in her face.
She starred at him and tears welled up in her eyes, finding she could not move her limbs.
“Oh, right, that medicine is temporary. In mice it stuns their whole body, but it looks as if in alive humans it only effects the limbs!” He cackled and flipped open a notebook full of nonsensical language. “Tell me, does this hurt?”
A pen jabbed into her arm and a muffled scream escaped her.
“I’ll take that as a yes…”
He began to scribble on an already filled up page when Ophelia found herself yelling.
“What do you want from me?! Where is everyone?!” She gasped in pain and sobbed as more tears met the surface.
The man continued to write for a moment and Ophelia wondered if maybe he was deaf, but, no, he resumed looking at her once his notebook hit the table and they shared a stare.
“From you, I assumed you were to make a good test subject in the time being. I was told to return down into my space and low and behold! A living, breathing human, opening my office door!” His smirk was unnatural. “Hopefully you can give me at least a week of testing data until you expire… As for ‘everyone’, I have no idea what you mean. I’m secluded for the most part, you see?” He gestured at the mess around him with a gleam in his eye. “No one visits me down here, my food is dropped off every few days and I’m only called up for meetings once a year, at most.” He faced her again. “Beautiful life, huh?” A slow, giddy laugh began to leak out and quickly became something that could only be described as maniacal laughter.
Ophelia stared with wide eyes and frantically tried to find an escape as he was pounding the table joyfully.
She found none.

Ashley wasn’t sure what to make of where she was currently. She turned her head right. Darkness. She turned her head left, terrible, horrendous pain in her neck… But still darkness.
So she stood there… Or maybe sat? She wasn’t really sure in this odd dimension. And she waited for any signs of life.
Time either flew or moved slowly before she heard the voice of a man with a terribly bad cold or possibly a broken nose.
“What are you doing here?” It echoed.
“Adventure. With friends. You know the deal. Halloween stuff.” She glared at nothing in front of her. “Now where am I?”
He grunted. “You would not know if I explained it to you.”
“Try me.”
Another grunt, but more pronounced. “Death.”
“Death?” Ashley asked sarcastically. For all she knew, she could be in some top-secret army base undergoing weird training protocols at the moment.
“Yes. Death.” The voice said matter-of-factly. “You’re suspended between worlds, you could say. That’s what this knife does.”
She remembered. The knife she was about to steal, with fancy green carvings and such.
“Now you’re going to stay there until I ask what to do with you.”
“Yeah, like I’m going to just walk off!” She yelled back, but no reply came.

Marina was tied to a chair. Her eyes were still shut, but she was in a very obvious sitting position and her hands felt something tight and woven. She really didn’t want to open them, but didn’t want to just sit there, either…
So she slowly eased them open and saw nothing. It was pitch black.
A muffled voice came from another room and she waited, tears pricking at her eyes. She knew going into the mansion was a bad idea and now she was going to be part of the next big horror film!
A door slammed and she could hear the echo, but it couldn’t pull her from her current depression. As tears stained her vision, she didn’t notice two red eyes glowing as they approached her. They narrowed once he heard her sobs, but didn’t say anything of comfort nor hurt. Instead, he stood and waited for her to finish up.
Marina’s vision began to clear five minutes later and she caught sight off the eyes. Stuttering, she half-yelled, “What do you want from me?! I swear, we were just about to leave! You don’t have to kill us!” Another sob.
Slowly, he gave her a response. “I will say I’m sorry for your fate. Though we’re rather unsure of what it will be yet…” He took a step forward. “Just be certain it will not be anything you’ll like.”
Marina frowned and she could feel tears still sliding down her face. “What are you going to do with us? Where is everyone?” She asked pitifully.
“I said we’re unsure.” He snapped.
Another door slammed.
The man looked visibly distressed at the sound, even if Marina could only see his eyes.
“Excuse me.”
He turned and no longer were the eyes in Marina’s line of sight, so she hung her head down and silently wished for escape.

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PostSubject: Re: Trick'er'Treat   

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