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 Fandoms That'll Always Stick With You

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PostSubject: Fandoms That'll Always Stick With You   Sun Aug 21, 2011 7:50 am

We all have series that'll just forever stick with us, in memes, memories or just general love of the series itself
This isn't limited to anime, of course!
Nor to things you've just found out about in the past few years

What I'm asking is, what're some shows and fandoms that you think you'll still harbor memories from, say, thirty years from now?

Only thing is, I don't want people counting their major fandom at the moment! So I wouldn't be counting MLP, although I probably wouldn't, anyways, since I haven't had awesome memories about it or anything yet
I just like the characters enough to watch it /shrug

Anyways, for me, I'd say:

Pokemon (This is pretty obvious for most people, plus I have tons of memories about it)
Simpsons (Well, except the recent episodes. I can sing to all of the songs prior to season fifteen!)
Naruto (This is on the edge. I met tons of people through this one and I still get a warm and fuzzy feeling seeing fanart of Naruto as Hokage, so I figure it hasn't completely left me)
Avatar (Holy shit do I even begin this? Anyone who actually knows me knows I have been in love with this show since I first saw it. It is perfect in my eyes)
Hetalia (Also how to begin? I annoyed everyone with this show and I STILL LOVE IT. I tried to escape its clutches a few times, but, no, my love of this show doesn't seem to want to die. Honestly, though, the show was pretty much freakin' made for me. I'm really sad that the fandom for it has really died down, though. Videos on NND about it used to get 1k+ comments without a problem, now struggle to get 500. The communities have slowed to two or three posts a day, which used to be how much it'd get in an hour! Of course, I don't blame people moving on, since I attempted to to Homestuck, MLP and others, but I can't shake it and as I said when I was head-over-heels in it, "I DON'T THINK I'LL EVER BE ABLE TO LEAVE, GUYS")

Homestuck I was considering putting on here, but I think that's another 'wait and see' one...

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Fandoms That'll Always Stick With You
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