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 Make A Manual For Yourself!

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PostSubject: Make A Manual For Yourself!   Sun Mar 20, 2011 11:11 pm

DANIELLE ROGERS: User Guide and Manual

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of an DANIELLE ROGERS unit. This manual was written in order to ensure that you, the owner, can unlock your unit's full potential and not cause any mistreatment to the unit.

Technical Specifications:

Name: Danielle Rogers. Will respond to "Dani", "Gami", "The girl with a Mario shirt on" and "That girl"
Age: 17
Place of Manufacture: Bloomington, Minnesota
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 110lbs
Bust: Unit will promptly change the subject if such a topic comes up.

Your DANIELLE ROGERS unit comes with the following:

One (1) white sweater
One (1) pair of jeans
Five (5) necklaces
Five (5) assorted nerdy jokes/references T-shirts
Two (2) berets
Five (5) assorted skirts
One (1) digital camera
One (1) laptop
Five (5) assorted history/language books


Your DANIELLE ROGERS unit comes with the following traits:

Artist: DANIELLE ROGERS loves to draw, but will often go through fits of depression because of it! To avoid this, please make sure she doesn't spend too much time on art websites such as DeviantArt. If she does go into depression, either give her a quick speech about how she can draw well or just hand her her digital camera.

Internet lurker: Since she loves going online, she'll often be found on her computer, reading comments on things but never making one. If you tease her about this, depending on the unit's mood she will either tear-up and yell or deny that she's too shy to actually talk to people online.

History/language whiz: DANIELLE ROGERS has a knack for both world history and languages, and thus will spout random facts while gushing over documentaries. If you speak improper English, expect to be corrected often. This may lead to the unit's brain breaking after repeated corrections, so please make sure to speak the best you can around her. Speaking in an accent will likely make the unit go in awe, unless it's an accent from the American south (Which she hates with a passion), so she will most likely not correct you whatsoever if you do this.

Non-stop talker: This unit also has a talent for talking nonstop about seemingly nothing. If you tend to be the shy one, she'll easily tell you everything about herself without you needing to say much of anything. This may become annoying, so in order to stop this, either politely ask her to stop or pretend to be on the phone.

Removal of your DANIELLE ROGERS unit from packaging:

DANIELLE ROGERS is a heavy sleeper, so getting this unit out of her packaging might be difficult. If you wake her improperly, expect some generally confused looks from her and she might go into Panicked mode, which should be avoided using one of the following methods.

1) Play a cartoon from the 90s nearby. 'Animaniacs' and 'Pokemon' get the best response. She will start excitedly chattering about how much she loves the show and start yelling the lyrics until you open the box. The unit will most likely grin at you and ask you if you're a fan of whatever show you choose to put on. This will also work for nearly any Will Ferrell movie, especially 'Blades Of Glory' or 'Zoolander' and the movie 'Monty Python And The Holy Grail'.

2) Play a documentary, preferably from NOVA or the History Channel, nearby. The unit will attempt to break out of her box (Most likely unsuccessfully, in which she'll begin to whine about how she wants to learn about the topic of the documentary). Once out, DANIELLE ROGERS, will watch the documentary with full attention until she bores of the subject, which might happen occasionally.

3) Close enough from the box for DANIELLE ROGERS to hear, but far enough to not be destroyed by flying bits of box, ask "Would you like some tea?". The unit will break out of the box and readily accept the offer with vigor. Making tea and fanning the aroma to the box works, too.

4) Play either 'The History Of The USSR, Through The Eyes Of A Humble Worker' or 'Hitler's Favourite Song (Please Don't Tread On My Cheeseburger)' just loud enough for the unit to hear. She'll wake to yelling the lyrics and giggling. You can also play electro-house techno, but instead the unit will wake and start raving in her box until the song is over.


Once you’ve gotten your DANIELLE ROGERS unit out of her box, you can reprogram her to any of the following modes:

Calm (default)
Optimistic (default)
Aggressive (locked)
Perverted (locked)

DANIELLE ROGERS comes with the default Calm and Optimistic modes. Although the unit may seem like she's sulking in a corner, she's probably just deep in thought. If you ask if she's fine, she'll be snapped out of it and will usually smile with a 'yeah'. If not, she may be in a depressing mood, which probably won't last too long due to her forced-optimism.

The Tsundere mode can activated by teasing the unit about any suspected feelings she may harbor for someone. DANIELLE ROGERS will rarely reveal if she, in fact, does care for someone, so usually this mode is mainly the unit denying everything. Sometimes she'll be telling the truth, though, but you probably will never know.

The Panicked mode can be accessed by stressing out the unit, which will most likely be unexpected. DANIELLE ROGERS will tear-up and yell once or twice if given an overload of sudden stress, which can result from as little as not helping her with something as basic as determining which word to use in a paper. But don't worry, the unit will quickly get over this, as long as you leave her alone for a few minutes.

The Bossy mode can be found by either urging the unit to take a leadership possession a few times, or if the unit decides a group she is working in is too disorganized and she actually cares about how the end result will be. At first this mode is shown just by some almost-polite order yelling, which no one will probably obey, but after some frustration, if the group is still with her and hasn't disbanded, she will suddenly grab hold of everyone's attention and take on a dictatorial rein. This will soften over time and will ultimately deteriorate when the project is over or the group has been disbanded.

The Aggressive mode can be unlocked by truly pissing DANIELLE ROGERS off. It seems hard to do, but if you spend enough time with her, you'll soon find out this unit's 'annoyance-points'. If you or another keep playing on them, she'll argue and ultimately fight if worst comes to worst.

The Perverted mode can be unlocked by becoming good friends with DANIELLE ROGERS. If she trusts you enough and you get her hyper for whatever reason (sugar usually works, or telling many funny jokes in a row), she will start telling dirty jokes and more. This mode can usually dissolve by getting away from the unit for a while and letting her return back to being calm. Sometimes this mode may be triggered in a fit of boredom, but she will snicker to herself and rarely let anyone in on the joke.

Relationships with Other Units:

Sadly, no other units are known at this time.


DANIELLE ROGERS likes taking long showers reminiscent of sauna baths. If alone in the house, the unit will sing to herself. It's advisable you don't enter the bathroom during this time, unless to tell her she's been in there too long, least you want to be yelled at for invading her privacy.


DANIELLE ROGERS is very picky about her food and prefers plain food over gourmet. She likes to cook herself, but is limited to making rice, microwaveable meals and cereal. Don't let her do more, for this unit is known for blowing up stoves.


DANIELLE ROGERS tends to stay up very late on her laptop or reading her books and won't let herself go to bed before midnight, unless she takes an unexpected nap. She also hates getting up before ten, but if she sticks to a sleep schedule during the week and sets an alarm clock loudly, she's able to get up as early as six. This doesn't mean she'll be in a good mood, though. In fact, in the morning this unit can be very prone to the Aggressive mode until nine.

End notes:

With proper treatment, you'll find DANIELLE ROGERS to be a good friend and unit! Wish you luck!


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PostSubject: Re: Make A Manual For Yourself!   Mon Mar 21, 2011 6:41 am

PACHAI: User Guide and Manual

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of an PACHAI unit. This manual was written in order to ensure that you, the owner, can unlock your unit's full potential and not cause any mistreatment to the unit.

Technical Specifications:

Name: PACHAI. Will respond to "baka" and "sunako"
Age: 17
Place of Manufacture: some where in california
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 116-120 lbs
Bust: 32 C to B

Your PACHAI unit comes with the following:

One (1) pimk sweater
Five (5) pair of jeans
One (1) 18k gold necklace
Five (5) T-shirts
One (1) sewing kit
One (1) hair tie
One (1) large pink ribbon
One (1) book bag
Five (5) assorted ribbons
One (1) cuting tool
One (1) pencil case
One (1) box of 50 color pencils
Two (2) sharpie pen
Five (5) black pens
Ten (10) lead pencils


Your PACHAI unit comes with the following traits:

Artist: PACHAI does enjoy drawing but at times maybe she might color with some weird things. When that happens just ignor it because it might turn out great. Don't worry she can't go to depression by having this trait.

Day dreamer: PACHAI tends to xit down and do nothing for a few minutes to an hour. You can call it anything you want but if you want her to do something just call her name. If you let her do this she will evetually fall a sleep

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PostSubject: Re: Make A Manual For Yourself!   Wed Mar 23, 2011 9:02 pm

KATELYN KWIATKOWSKI: A User Guide/ Operating Manual.

Congratulations! You Are The New Owner Of One (1) KATELYN KWIATKOWSKI Unit. This Manual Is Written To Ensure That You, The Owner May Unlock The Full Potential And Will Not Mistreat This Unit.

Technical Specifications:
Name: Katelyn, "Katy' "Kat'' "Kai" "Marly" "Pervert' Or "The Goth Chick"
Age: 16
Place of Manufacture: Minnesota
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 154
Bust: C 36 -Ish

Your KATELYN Unit Comes With:
One (1) Black Fish Net Shirt
One (1) Black Cocktail Dress
Two (2) Pendents/ Necklaces
Eight (8) Associated Bracelets
Five (5) Black Tee Shirts With Profane Statements
Three (3) Pairs Of Tripp Pants
Two (2) Sets Of Brass Knuckles
One (1) Laptop
Twelve (12) Interchangeable Piercings

(Will Finish Later)
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PostSubject: Re: Make A Manual For Yourself!   

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Make A Manual For Yourself!
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