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 Yo It's A Drabble Yo

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: : Oh god what is this
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PostSubject: Yo It's A Drabble Yo   Fri Mar 04, 2011 4:13 am






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: : Oh god what is this
Female Libra Rooster Age : 24
Number of posts : 3252
Yen : 5727
Location : Watching too much everything
Languages : English, Japanese, German, Sindarin, Some Swedish
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PostSubject: Re: Yo It's A Drabble Yo   Fri Mar 04, 2011 4:13 am

The girl was sitting on the window ledge again.
Invisible to anyone unlike herself, she stared out the window, unmoving, with headphones deep in her ears and a notebook poised awkwardly on her lap.
No one really cared to ask her for her name, so the only ones that knew it were people she let into her personal circle or people that had spent their whole school career in the same class as her. She took this lightly, believing firmly that the less people in her life, the easier she could do things.
Occasionally she'd draw attention to herself; wearing odd clothing most people would hardly even consider on Halloween or answering a question no one else seemed to know, earning her a half-class full of eyebrow raises as she resumed doodling on her notes.
Everyone assumed she was an amazing student and smart beyond what they could achieve, but today I dared a glance at the grade report carelessly thrown on her desk as she was away, chatting to a friend, and noticed the glaring F at the top.
This was the moment she intrigued me. So, that brings me to how I had called attention to her on the window ledge this evening.

Gearing up as if for a battle, I dared what most people thought either too boring or too intimidating, and slowly walked to her place.
I thought she didn't regard me at first, but under her dark bangs, her eyes nudged just slightly towards my form, as if waiting for me to either do something or walk away.
I coughed.
Her eyes slid further and she made a point of tilting her head up just a bit.
Those eyes hit me with an odd feeling for a moment, as I was stuck not knowing what to do. They looked bored and waiting for any ridicule she could hum in response to and return to her work, which was apparently a young pirate with a devious smirk.
"H-hello..." I felt the word awkwardly slide from my throat.
"Hello," She responded, an eyebrow quirked. She probably recognized me as one of those sporty kids, I thought suddenly. I already have a reputation to her.
"So..." I started, "What are you drawing?"
She leaned a bit, as if already tiring of the newborn conversation, or perhaps just feeling awkward.
"He's a character from a show I like," She said without missing a beat.
"Well, uh..." My eyes darted around and I couldn't think of anything else to go off of, "That's pretty cool. You're a good drawer."
Her light blue eyes narrowed at the last word, annoyed, but her manners returned. "Thank you." She replied curtly and her lips quirked oddly, as if this conversation painful, which, I suppose it was.
"Okay, well..." I blinked and gave a weak wave. "Good bye."
She waved back and almost dropped her pencil in a quick move.

From that day on, she still intrigued me, as she was such a different person than what everyone thought, apparently. A failing student, though not to say dumb, not at all. Her eyes seemed cold to people with a reputation in her mind; people not like her or people she could never see having a fluent conversation with. Somehow they warmed up to her friends, which was such a remarkable change and so quick it shocked me.
One moment, she shot a withering glare at a boy who had been inflicting verbal harm on a friend, but the next a small Asian girl jumped her and her face suddenly contorted to something much more warm, if not a look of friendly teasing.

But, all I really can say about her, was that she was invisible to anyone unlike herself.
And as she sat on the window ledge, waiting for her mother's car to pull into the parking lot outside, her blue eyes reflected in the glass back at me and I wondered what cryptic thoughts ran through her head.

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Yo It's A Drabble Yo
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