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 5) Poplicious~

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: : Broken Hearted, Dying Slowly and YOU Still Don't Care
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PostSubject: 5) Poplicious~   Wed Jun 16, 2010 10:58 am

Sweet Delicious Drink Of Lucky Elixer Will Change Your Luck.
Trust Me.

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: : Broken Hearted, Dying Slowly and YOU Still Don't Care
Female Scorpio Rooster Age : 24
Number of posts : 2367
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PostSubject: Re: 5) Poplicious~   Mon Aug 02, 2010 10:50 pm


(Ophi) - Mia - (Flavor: Orange)
(Gami) - Myrna - (Flavor: Rootbeer)
(Kat) - Reyna - (Flavor: Cherry)
(Zar) - Cliff - (Flavor: Green Apple) (My SAILOR Version)
(Stevo) - Edward -*With Lex* - (Flavor: UKE~!)
(lex) - Vinchenzo -*With Stevo* - (Flavor: Uke~)
(Ophis Boy) - Jaques - (Flavor: Orange)
(Gamis Boy) - William - (flavor: Rootbeer)(My version)
(Kats Boy) - Malik - (Flavor: Cherry)
(Zars Girl) - Cecelia - (Flavor: Green apple)
(?) - Coal - *Together with ?* - (Flavor: Strawberry)
(?) - Kenny - *Together with ?* - (flavor: Strawberry)

Elixer - *Store manager* - (My Version)
Lucky - *Store manager* -


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: : Broken Hearted, Dying Slowly and YOU Still Don't Care
Female Scorpio Rooster Age : 24
Number of posts : 2367
Yen : 4330
Location : Sitting on a time bomb :>
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PostSubject: Re: 5) Poplicious~   Thu Aug 05, 2010 4:57 pm

Mia’s View

Mia jumps into the air as she land back down onto a mat in pole vaulting for the school. she was the best there was, and guys would come to watch her every day. but she only had eyes for one guy and even he came, not for her, at least she didn’t think it was.
She took a deep breath and went for another try, going another .5 higher than the last jump.
The couch and many others cheered for her she was beating the school record each time she set a new record.
She laid on the mat for a moment regaining her breath and resting her back. It was a lot of work to do something like that and she practiced everyday at least twice. She sat back up and wiped her self off as some of the other kids began to left, they knew she was done for the day.
“Mia!” The boy yelled.
Mia turned to the voice drinking a bottle of water the couch had gave her. “Nnnnn?”
He stopped next to her with a big smile across her face “What is it Dustin?” she asked.
“Your so amazing! You are always setting a new record for our school! You have such school sprit!” he chuckled with delight.
Mia shrugged “It’s just a pass time to keep me in shape, nothing more.”
Dustin shook his head “It’s more than that if you keep playing.”
Mia laughed “You can’t tell me what I think!”
Dustin shirked back “Sorry…”
“Well next time listen.” Mia said leaving him where she stood.
The couch laughed at Dustin “Watch your back, she could beat you up something fierce.”
Dustin nodded “I know.” he sighed then left.

Mia changed her gym clothes back into her school clothes and left the school as quickly as possible. She was done with everything for the day. On her way out she saw Vinchenzo and Cliff together talking about which girl was “Hot or Not.” as a pass time until there parents came to pick them up. Mia passed and they both said “NOT!” at the same time. Mia was their friend and they all love to pick on each other.
She left walking the usual way home down main street in their little town and stopping down by the pier to look out into the ocean for a bit admiring the fish and the birds that were free. Two seagulls sat in front of her and were nuzzling one another. Mia stared at them with envy wishing she could find love.

“What’s a cute girl like you ‘doin out here alone?” A deep males voice asked.
Mia turned around startled a bit then seeing a guy in all pink and purple all in costume gave her a bit more of a fright. Interested with this person she decided there was no harm in talking to him “I come out here all the time, what are YOU doing out here?” she asked
He smirked “We just got a shop down here.” he points directly behind him “it’s a wish shop.”
‘wish shop?’ she thought “Wh-whats that?” she asked enticed by the odd things the person had to say but still nervous of what was to come.
“Here, come on I’ll show you .” he said extending his hand that was covered in a pink leather glove.
Mia examined the hand very leery of the whole thing.
He laughed “I wont bite. Come on.”
Mia giggled and grabbed his hand.
He smiled very sweetly and guided Mia to the shop. It had a strange logo for the shop that looked like a swirl with wings and a devils tail, and the name of the shop was “Lucky Elixir.”
“Wow!” Mia exclaimed as they walked into the shop. Everything lined in colorful letters and shapes and the logo painted on the ceiling. “What is this place?”
The boy laughed. “Welcome to Lucky Elixir. I am Elixir. My sister Lucky is out on other business right now. We create wishes.”
“How?” Mia asked skeptical if it was true or not.
Elixir shook his head “ah-ah~ it’s a secret.”
Mia crossed her arms then sat at the bar like area in front of Elixir and the cash register. “Alright then what?”
Elixir pulled out a glass. “What’s your favorite flavor?”
“Orange. Sweet pure orange.” Mia said un crossing her arms.
Elixir open a can of pop and then opened a jar filled with this clear liquid and it seemed to sparkle. He mixed them together making this light orange and sparkly drink. “This will make you feel better about your love problems.” he said with a smile.
Mia blushed eyes wide open “How-how’d you know that?”
Elixir nudged the glass to Mia “Drink it.”
Mia looked at it the picked it up and lifted it to her lips and took a sip. It was delicious. She drank it all down real fast. “That was good…” she said a little embarrassed drinking it down that fast.
Elixir smiled then sighed “I don’t see how you could have problems with love.”
Mia looks down at the counter “It’s because. I don’t get along with people who want my body and not me. Dustin, Dustin was just another one like that.”
Elixir sighed then pulled off his hat to scratch his head. “Well you wont have any more problems I promise you.”
“Ho--------” Mia felt dizzy. “Urgh…”
Elixir came over and caught her in his arms “Don’t ask just enjoy your time. Promise me that girl.”
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: : Broken Hearted, Dying Slowly and YOU Still Don't Care
Female Scorpio Rooster Age : 24
Number of posts : 2367
Yen : 4330
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PostSubject: Re: 5) Poplicious~   Thu Aug 05, 2010 7:25 pm

Mia's View

Mia stretched and awoke in her own bed, satin sheets and frilly pillows around her. For some reason she was warm, she never felt this comfortable in her life. She rolled over and nuzzled her head into a pillow taking a deep breath accompanied by a pleasurable sigh of relief.
“Hey that tickles!” A Boyish laugh said.
Mia’s heart stopped and she took a good look at the pillow she was laying against. Pink, kind of a tan color but pale… ‘wait skin?!’ she looked up and made eye contact with him.
“good morning Mia~.” he said lovingly.
He waved his hands “Whoa! Whoa! One second!”
Mia threw a pillow at him then took the blanket and covered herself, she was only warring a night gown since it was summer. “Who are you.”
“Jacques~” he said happily.
“Where--- why are you here?” She asked with a blush.
“From the pop you drank~! You wished me here~!” he smiled cutely.
“THAT’S what Elixir meant?” Mia says staring away from Jacques.
Jacques scoots over to Mia and lays his head on her left shoulder. “Mhmm… Big brother Elixir tries his hardest to help people… after no one would help him.”
Mia looks down and Jacques, he was pretty cute, he was taller than Mia and had short curly white hair and a pair of snow white Neko ears. His skin nearly seemed to blend in with his hair, his eyes were a piercing red, it was all so weird to see a boy too look like this, but he was cute to her never the less. “Well, Uh, Jacques. DO my parents know you’re here?”
Jacques gives a wry laugh “Well uh… Elixir made it so your parents think I’m an exchange student so it gets you extra credit in your History and German class… and your parents believe that they had already known and what ever.”
“… do I actually get extra credit?” Mia asks
“Yeah. actually you do.” Jacques laughs.

‘life is going to be different now. I guess… But I got to keep my head on straight.’ Mia thinks.
“CLASS~!” the teacher screamed in a shrill nail biting voice. “We have 3 new students in our class. It’s rather odd but they are all foreign exchange students, Jacques, Cecelia and William. Be nice to them. Oh and if you like you three you can have your ‘buddies’ show you around the school after lunch I will Allow it.”
“Thank you ‘mam.” the three said politely, and taking their seats next to each of their ‘buddy’.

‘Three?’ Mia thought ‘Wait maybe… Maybe the reason Lucky was out was because----”
“Mia! Your up!” the couch screamed. It was already after school again, not that school mattered to Mia it’s just everything has been flying past her now that Jacques is around. Mia went to do her jump again and got .1 higher that the last jump.
People cheered and cried out for joy, she had beat another record for her school and the next one over.
Mai sat up and rubbed her back and tail bone. She landed directly on her tail bone. “Ouch.” she laughed.
Jacques ran over to her, Mia didn’t even notice that Jacques came to watch her “That’s so awesome~! Can I try?!”
Mia Giggled “You really want to give it a go?”
Jacques nodded excitedly “I do, I do!”
“Alright but you might not do so well in such heavy clothes.” Mia suggested.
Jacques took off his vest, belt and gloves. “That’s all I can take off.”
“That’s fine. Now” she picks up the pole “This you run ok? Then put this into that slot once you get to it.” she points “Then while your in the air move all your weight to the mat and bar, but don’t hit the bar. Got it?”
Jacques nods and goes to the line.
The couch watches and blows his whistle.
Jacques starts off and gets up to the poll and makes it over .2 less than Mia but made a record for the boys team.
The couch and Mia’s mouth dropped.
“YOUR ON THE TEAM BOY!” The couch said with a hardy laugh.
Mia ran over to him “Your-Your amazing!” she said with a blush across her face.
Jacques blushed too “It-it was nothing. I am a cat after all…”
Mia Shook her head “I don’t care if you’re an alien, your amazing!”
Jacques turned red as a tomato and looked away from Mia. “Thanks…”
Mia giggles “Your welcome~! Please join the team! Then we can work out together!”
Jacques faces Mia “Together?! Yes then I’ll join.” He hugs Mia.
Mia smiles and enjoys the warmth she feels when ever Jacques is around. ‘this. Isn’t so bad.’ she thought.
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PostSubject: Re: 5) Poplicious~   

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5) Poplicious~
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