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 3) Do You Believe In Nightmares?

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PostSubject: 3) Do You Believe In Nightmares?   Wed Jun 16, 2010 10:50 am






* ' - Thinking
* " - Talking
* ( ) - whispering

*Idk looked cool XD*

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: : Broken Hearted, Dying Slowly and YOU Still Don't Care
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PostSubject: Re: 3) Do You Believe In Nightmares?   Mon Jul 26, 2010 8:25 pm

(Outfits will be provided by either discriptions within the story or I will draw all of us in a large photo)

Rhyn - 17 - Me - (Lazy)
Chole - 17 - Kat - (Goth)
Ariana - 17 - Gami - (Nerd)
Misty - 17 - Person I hate - (Prep)
Nana - 16 - Person I hate - (Prep)
Ravi - 17 -? - (Emo)
Laura - 17 - Aya - (Goth)
Cade - 16 - Jesse (Gamer)
Austin - 18 - Jon (Perverted)
May - 16 - Jessica (Gamer)
Nami - 18 - Sydney (Party Hardy)
Kaili - 18 - Meghan (Book worm)
Dustin - 17 - ? - (Sportie)
Sally - 19 - Kim (Crazy)
Jason - 16 - Zare (Ultra Calm)
Kevin - 18 - Flare (Super Passive)
Samantha - 15 - Alyssa (Quiet)
Frank - 15 - Lenny (Perverted)
Xander - 18 - Andrew (Lovy Dovy)
Heather - 17 - Naomi (Tough)
Dana - 16 - Ashley (Cute)
Wendy - 18 - Abbey (Evil)
Kyle - 17 - Jack (42)


Allouette - 1900 (looks 19) - I AINT TELLING~ - (CODE BREAKER)
Mrs Kindlein - ? - ? - (Important Character)
Loki - 3 - Lex - (dog) [X]

(Name/(posistion)/Age They Look/ Age they are/(BEST TRAIT)/GOOD BAD OR NEUTRAL.)

Rae (Kiri's mom) - 21 - 104
Domenic (Kiri's dad) - 28 - 132
Kris (Kiri's Sister) - 19 - 24 (Scary as hell) Evil
Kiri - 18 - 18 (Can Talk his Way Outta things) Evil [X] [X]
Bake (Kiri's Twin Brother) - 18 - 18 (Strong) Evil

(Moms Brother)
Alan (Uncle) - 25 - 123
Misty (Aunt) - 25 - 130
Appollo (Cousin) - 19 - 21 (Sexy as all shiz) Good
Maggie (Cousin) - 16 - 18 (Smart) Neutral
Margie (Cousin) - 18 - 18 (Tough) Neutral
Monique (Cousin) - 18 - 18 (Sexy) Good
Manna (Cousin) - 15 - 18 (Good cook) Neutral
Marina (Cousin) - 13 - 18 (Dancer) Neutral
Mally (Cousin) - 18 - 18 (Flexible) Neutral (Katy is drawing)
Maddie (Cousin) - 16 - 18 (Sportie) Evil (Katy is drawing)
Maple (Cousin) - 13 - 18 (Waterworks) Evil (Planned)

(Dads Sister)
Dane (Uncle) - 29 - 109
Anne (Aunt) - 24 - 104
Ian (Cousin) - 16 - 17 (COMPUTER GEEK) Neutral
Alabastier (Cousin) - 18 - 18 (Silent) Evil (Planned)
Alastor (Cousin) - 15 -18 (Happy) Good

(Dads Brother)
Cleo (Aunt) - 25 - 130
Devon (Uncle) - 21 - 118
Chauncy (Cousin) - 13 - 18 (Hard worker) Good
Bijourn (Cousin) - 13 - 18 (ULTRA CUTE) Good
Sion (Cousin) - 13 - 18 (Tries until they can't do any more) Good
Bijou (Cousin) -13 - 18 (Cute) Good

(Moms Brother)
Earl (Uncle) - 30 - 190
Monna (Aunt) - 20 - 200
Lily (Cousin) - 19 - 21 (... Whore) Good
Lisa (Cousin) - 13 - 19 (Singer) Neutral
Ray (Cousin) 13 - 19 (Sportie) Neutral

Course Kiris mine :3

Rhyn - Kiri
Cade - Maple
Chloe - Appollo
Ari - Ian
Kevin - Bijourn
Jason - Marina

* [X] My Ref
** Some May be tek'd
*** Some May be BS'd (LOLOL)

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: : Broken Hearted, Dying Slowly and YOU Still Don't Care
Female Scorpio Rooster Age : 24
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Yen : 4330
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PostSubject: Re: 3) Do You Believe In Nightmares?   Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:55 pm

Silence is one thing I fear, the absolute empty nights where you can’t see anything or hear the slightest movement of the trees outside your window. Those nights get to me. They render me sleepless and vulnerable to the demons in my dreams when I can finally sleep. They are trying to kill me I swear, dreaming or not it seems to real… No one believes me but the demons always say “your first then ‘they’ are next…” Who are they? The leader of the bunch likes to torture me the most.. Or who I think to be the leader… Kiri they call him. He turns into a crazy shadow animal, something you would normally see in a horror film from the 80’s. I’m still afraid of him, even though I know it’s a dream… and that’s exactly what they feed off of… Fear.

‘He’s behind me got to run faster!’ Rhyn yelled in her head ‘can’t let him get me!’
“Oh Rhyn… My dear Rhyn, why don’t you play with me?” Kiri chuckles darkly
Tears ran down Rhyns face “shut up!”
Kiri licks his lips “I love a girl who has emotion.”
Rhyn stops and turns around to face Kiri tears running down her beet red face “Extermination by exploding butterflies!” she yelled the only thing she could think of.
An array of colorful butterflies came off of Rhyns dress and flew at Kiri.
Kiri stood the laughing at the petty things “what’s that? Trying to ‘cute’ me to death? HA!” he reached out one of his long nails and touched one of the butterflies.
“Ack!” he yelped pulling back the hurt finger. “What in th---”
Rhyn wiped her face “your in my dreams…. So I can do… WHAT I WANT!” She yelled more butterflies coming off of her and flying at Kiri.
“Awe Fuck.” Kiri whined running off away from the butterflies.
Rhyn fell to the floor and panted almost having held her breath that entire time. “I-I beat him…” she said staring at her hands. ‘but he’ll get smarter and figure out a way around it…’ she thought.

The alarm clock screeched in Rhyns ear. She sat up in a dense cold sweat that penetrated through he sheets and pillow. “Ah-eh!” she said as she sat up. ‘morning…’ she sighed with a yawn in the middle of the sigh. ‘breakfast, school then I’ll wash my sheets… yuck…’ she thought poking her sweat soaked sheets. She got outta bed and put on something completely random like any other school day. ‘not like it matters.’ she told her self. She brushed he hair slightly before she pulled it back into a pony that reached down midway her back. She sighed and grabbed and apple before she left the house locking the door and snagging her backpack off the stool next to the door. “Bye Dad, Mom!” she yelled before leaving.

Midway walking to school she threw her apple core to Mrs. Kindleins dog Loki. “Morning boy.” Rhyn giggled.
“Oi! Rynni~!” a voice yelled just ahead of her
Rhyn lifted her head right as two arms flung around her neck and pulled her into a tight hug. “Ah… hey Chloe.” she giggled.
“I missed you over break!” she whines pulling Rhyn against her chest, Chloe was much taller than Rhyn and build much better than her.
“Kay… Enough with the death grip…” Rhyn teased
Chloe backs off “I’m sorry! I-I just missed you and everyone else…”
“Well I didn’t leave, all you guys did.” Rhyn says walking forward.
Chloe followed Rhyn “ I know but.. 2 weeks with out my best friend!”
“Ok, ok! Settle down Chloe! I missed you too!” Rhyn laughs.

Entering school after a break is like walking into a zombie apocalypse, people walking around like they have no brain and are extremely tired from partying or whatever they did.
Chloe is one of those people who can party all day every day and not get tired. Rhyn on the other hand is lazy and like to sit around and just enjoy the day.
“Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!” a shrill voice chimed behind the two.
“Ah! Ariana!” Rhyn jumped and shrieked.
Chloe snickered at Rhyn and waved to Ariana “How was your vacation ‘Hun?”
“Good. Going to see my family in Rome was a wonderful vacation~” Ariana sighed missing it already.
“Hello…?” Rhyn teased “Earth to space cadet Ari?”
Ariana stuck her tongue out at Rhyn “I was just reliving my wonderful experience…”
Rhyn shrugged and walked to her locker passed all the zombies and preps (whom were still alive) and grabbed her books for her classes and slammed her locker door shut.
The prep gang glared at Rhyn.
“God, she is so annoying…” Misty whines
“Like, I totally agree Misty.” Nana nods.
Rhyn shrugged and tried to get to her English class when she was mobbed by Ravi and Laura “RYNNNNNNI~” they called and knocked down Rhyn right in front of her English class.
Rhyn cries “I was so close…”
Ravi and Laura laugh “that’s why we got you~”
“I hate you both!” Rhyn yells
“we love you too Rynni.” they laugh.

School was like any other day, goofs were goofs, preps were preps, jocks were jocks and Nerds were nerds. Nothing interesting, again.
“alright, bye you guys.” Rhyn says waving and leaving with Ravi.
Ravi stares at Rhyn with a light blush across his face.
“oh yeah!” Rhyn says remembering something.
Ravi jumps and turns red looking away from Rhyn. “W-what?”
“how was your vacation? You guys went to Costa Rica right? On a cruise?”
“Y-yeah! It was awes---- oh wait!” Ravi stops and digs in his backpack and finds it “here! I-I got this for you…”
Rhyn holds a small conch shell on a leather string “it’s so pretty! Thank you!” she hugs him.
Ravi hugs Rhyn back “this is your pad right?” he laughs in a nervous manner.
“yep. Well I’ll see you tomorrow Travis~!” Rhyn scurries inside.
“yeah… bye.” he says walking on to his house.

‘alright time to wash my sheets and blanket… maybe it’ll help me sleep too.’ Rhyn sighs hoping she wouldn’t have nightmares again ‘kiri…’

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PostSubject: Re: 3) Do You Believe In Nightmares?   Mon Jul 26, 2010 11:07 pm

Dinner was boring like normal. Mush, accompanied by Potatoes. Rhyn sigh and eats her food and places her dish and silverware in the dishwasher and turned it on. Her parents always ate before her and were always gone all night and sleeping all morning. They had always been like that as far as she could remember.

The dryer sang the note hung through out the house. Rhyn skipped to the dryer and removed all of her junk and scurried upstairs to fix her bed. “hmm hmm hmm~” she sang as she fixed the sheet on her bed. ‘I wonder what everyone else dreams about…’ Rhyn makes a frowning face. ‘they probably don’t have nightmares like I do.’ she sighs and plops herself onto the bed she just made. She squeezed her teddy so tightly to her chest hoping so much that she would dream about the darkness where there was nothing at the least. ‘well goodnight world…’

“mmm…” Rhyn groaned. “Rock.” she looks at what she was laying on then around her.
A waterfall with large rocks around it then nothing.
Rhyn sat up and rubbed her eyes. “where am I?”
“So you made it.” a familiar voice said.
Rhyn had a sharp pain shoot down her spine when she heard the voice “K-Kiri?” she asked ever so cautiously.
“No.” said the voice.
Rhyn turned around and no one was there. “where are you!” she shouted.
The voice chuckled “dear, oh dear.” a silhouette stood before Rhyn “Is this fine?”
Rhyn shook then nodded ‘its not Kiri..’ she thought “S-so, what’s your name?”
“Allouette.” it answered. “and your Rhyn right?”
She nods “Y-yeah… why are you here?”
The shadow moves to the water “Kiri. You know him. How?”
Rhyn shrugs “H-he’s a Nightmare… or in technical terms a Incubus that feeds on fear.”
It seemed to nod the it started to faze out. “Rh----- g--t a---y!”
Rhyn tilted her head. “huh?”
“Dinner time already? Awe look!” Kiri crashes through the waterfall and grabs Allouette “A Treat!” he engulfs her “ah. Tasty.”
Rhyn gasps and tries to stand but can’t ‘Legs move god damn it!’ she shrieked in her head.
Kiri turns to Rhyn “hehe… there’s my dinner…” he motions to Rhyn.
Rhyn gets up and runs as fast as she can.
Kiri smiles baring all his teeth “My favorite dinner game… CAT AND MOUSE~!” He laughs in a terrifying manner.
‘Think of something damn it!’ she closes her eyes ‘come on think!’
Kiri reaches out and trips Rhyn. “Mmm darling… watch your step.”
Rhyn falls flat on her face and cries. ‘come on… Come on!’
Kiri licks his lips “now your mine…”
Rhyn clenches her fist and hit’s the ground “CHAINS FROM THE DARKNESS OF HELL!”
Kiri stares at Rhyn when chains slide up his legs and up to his arms “What? AH!” he yells falling to the ground.
Rhyn sits up and looks at Kiri “Why is it that… I can’t think of anything until your about to get me?”
Kiri smiles “I don’t know…” he licks his lips again “hey help me up and I wont eat ya…”
She shook her head “Fuck, You.”
Kiri Chuckles darkly “that’s why I like you. You think your so strong and can beat me when…” he breaks out of the chains “I am stronger than any thing you can come up with!”
Rhyn falls to the ground and cries. “I guess I’m better off dead…”
Kiri tilts his head “huh?”
Rhyn Stands up “Kill me! Its what you want! Isn’t it?”
Kiri stands there then can’t help it and falls over laughing “what? Kill you? Are you kidding me?”

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PostSubject: Re: 3) Do You Believe In Nightmares?   Mon Jul 26, 2010 11:45 pm

“w-what are you laughing about?” Rhyn asks stepping back.
Kiri stops laughing “kill? Who said anything about killing you?”
Rhyn stands there dumb founded “B-but you… and chasing… and trying to…”
“Did I ever put you near my Teeth?”
“Well no… you---”
“Did I ever stab you?” Kiri asks
“Well no but what you did to…”
“Allouette? She’s a Code Breaker. She jumps into peoples dreams and assigns demons for peoples dream. Honestly she’s like the best prankster there is!”
“WAIT, WAIT, WAIT! Your telling me this is like a whole big game for you?”
“Yeah. Basically.” Kiri smirks.
“……………………………...........................................” Rhyn couldn’t believe what she was being told. “This is a dream. Dreams are not real. So THIS is a figment of my imagination.”
“Rhyn… it’s all true… I can prove it too you…” Kiri says almost sounding sad. “Are you saying that I don’t Exist?”
“That’s exactly what I’m saying.” Rhyn says coldly.
“… alright. Fine.” Kiri says “I’ll just eave for today.” he disappears with out another word.
Rhyn stares off to where Kiri was then looks to the white floor “Why do I feel so bad Inside…”

Rhyn looks at her alarm clock ‘10 minutes before show time..’ she turns off her alarm clock and removes the blanket and comforter off her. ‘I guess I can… nah lets just do what we normally do.’ she throws on whatever clothes again and goes through her daily routine. ‘I feel off today…’ she thinks shutting the door without a goodbye this time.
“Hey Rhyn.” a voice called
Rhyn wasn’t paying attention and walked past it.
“RHYN” it shouted
Rhyn jumped startled then turned to it “Oh… good morning Travis.” she takes a deep breath.
“Hey.. You don’t look so good… you ok?” He asks
“I’ve been having weird dreams… and I-I want to believe… but at the same time I don’t…” she says thinking that made no sense to Ravi.
“Like what?” he asks truly curios.
“Well… (Explains situation to him I will type later kay thanks) and I don’t know if I can believe it..” she says.
They get onto school grounds. “well I would. I mean, look how he’s acting to you. don’t you notice that he probably cares for you?” Ravi says a tad jealous.
“maybe.. Your right.” Rhyn says. “Thanks Ravi.”
“not a problem.” he smiles “I’ll see you in class.”
“Yeah c’ya~” she waves. ‘Kiri… please be there…’

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PostSubject: Re: 3) Do You Believe In Nightmares?   Tue Aug 17, 2010 11:32 pm

Part 4

Rhyn sat her head on her desk and tried to fall asleep like normal but of course trying to fall asleep is different than getting bored and passing out.
Chloe looked over at her and nearly laughed “what’s the matter?”
“Can’t sleep.” Rhyn said facing her blonde haired friend.
Chloe stared at Rhyn for a moment then looked back to the teacher. “When has that been a problem for you?”
Rhyn shrugged “Ever since my dreams have been talking to me.” she said rolling her head the opposite direction.
Chloe looked back at her in confusion “Wha---?”
The school bell rang for school to end and Rhyn bolted for the door the first chance she got. ‘Gotta get home…’ is all she could think. She got passed all of her friends unnoticed and to her locker when Ravi came up to Her like any other day and asked the same old question.
“Hey Rhyn are we walking home together?” he asked innocently.
Rhyn slammed her locker door shut right as she threw her books into the jam packed locker and slipping out her bag before it all collapsed to the floor. “No sorry not today.” she walked passed Ravi with out a word.
Ravi stood there staring at Rhyn as she left. “What…?”
Ari tried to stop her as well to ask her about an assignment but Rhyn had other things on her mind and left her in the dust. It was almost like a race but she was the only one who was in it.
Rhyn open her door and found a note on it:
‘I’m sorry you don’t believe but soon you will.
- Love Kiri.’
“…” Rhyn looked at it again “Love Kiri.” she said aloud. “WHAAAAAAAAT?”
She crumpled up the paper and threw it into threw it into the waste basket ‘who knows about Kiri? Or was it really him?’ she ruffled her hair ‘Now your just going insane… but…’ she was still conflicted in believing that he was real, that paper made it worse.

Dinner rolled around and her parents were home for once so they had a big meal. (Almost to celebrate them being together.) They ate together at the large dinning room table, their house was to big for three people but that’s how Rhyns parents liked it, roomy for more things.
“So how’s school going Rhyn?” Rhyn’s father asked.
“Eh.” is all she replied.
Rhyn’s mother looked over to Rhyn whom had only ate half her steak and potatoes. “Dear, what’s
Rhyn placed her knife to the side of her plate then stabbed the steak with her fork “Nothing. I’m just not hungry.” she stands up “Excuse me I’m not feeling well.” she left to her bed room.
Rhyn’s parents stared at the fork lodged in steak. Then sighed Simultaneously “What’s her problem.” Father asked.
“Maybe she’s in love?” Mother said eating another slice of steak.

Rhyn smothered her face into the pillow in front of her and cried a little. ‘why… why!’ she screamed in her mind. She pulled her blanket over herself and sobbed softly into the pillow.

“mmm…?” Rhyn rolled over and hit into something. “?” she touched it the held it in her hand then opened her eyes. “A Vase?” she said placing it back down then rubbing her eyes.
She looked down at what she was warring then around her “What the---?” she was in a pink and white kimono type robe and she was in a bath house room next to the outside bath house. Startled she got to her feet and looked around the room checking for anything suspicious.
Nothing. She went outside and looked around a bit. “Pretty… she said sticking a finger out to a large pink plant as a dragonfly landed on her finger “Ah-hahaha~!” she giggled.
“You seem in a good mood.” A Voice said.
“Kiri?” she asked hopeful.
He put his hand on her shoulder then took it off and walked over to the bath. “That’s my name.” he said in almost a sullen tone.
Rhyn pulled back her finger and the dragonfly left and landed on the flower. Rhyn stared at Kiri’s back feeling a(n) odd pull in her heart. Why?
Kiri turned to her and gave a sweet smile. Wait sweet?
Rhyns face turned a neon pink color and her heart sped up throbbing against her ribcage. “Wh-Why are we here?”
Kiri looked at her then up to the sky. “I was trying to tell you. Not all your dreams with me are going to be bad. You just got bad luck and got a ‘Evil’ Dream demon.”
Rhyn looked at him through her white locks “What do you mean? Explain more…”
Kiri smile seemed more relaxed and excited that she was listening to him. “See, there are 3 different demons. You, got unlucky and got a ‘Evil’ one which means you will get more nightmares then good dreams, but, when the good dreams come around they are better than any ‘Good’ Dream Demons dreams. So as it seems it would be the opposite for the ‘Good’ Dream Demon, the people get good dreams most of the time and get the life sucked out of them when the Nightmares come around. Last but not least the ‘neutral’ Dream Demons, you don’t know if it was a good or bad dream but when you wake up you normally feel empty on the inside. That’s basically it.” he says with a slight sigh.
Rhyn tried taking this in and understood but still couldn’t fully believe “Kiri. I would believe all of this if you could give me something really sturdy to-to, do, see or feel, anything just give me something to be able to physically do something with.”
Kiri smiled his creepy grin, finally the old Kiri was back. “Alright. I have something, but, you must swear to do as I say or it wont work.”
Rhyn thought about it for a moment but wanted to know more about these people, this stuff that was going on and… even Kiri. “Alright. What?”
Kiri kissed her.
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PostSubject: Re: 3) Do You Believe In Nightmares?   Wed Aug 18, 2010 2:03 am


Rhyn awoke in a cold sweat nearly shrieking as she sat up throwing all her weight up at once. “AH!” she managed.
She rubbed her face with the silk blanket in front of her and she sighed touching the blanket to her lips and rubbing them lightly with it. “Mmm… Kiri… Why?”
“Why what?” He answered from the side of Rhyn’s bed.
Rhyn stares at him then rubs her eyes. She still saw him. She reached out and pinched his pale skin.
“What’s up?” he said cutely with a chuckle.
Kiri covered her mouth “Your parents are still home! Shh!”
Rhyn gasps then nods.
Kiri lets go “You wanted proof. Here’s my proof now you have to abide by my rules.”
Rhyn nods remembering the promise “Yeah? What do you need me to do?” she asked.
“I need you to pick 21 different victims of your choice to give dream demons.” Kiri smiles “I think you’ll have fun with that.”
“Wait, you mean I get to pick which demon goes to who ever I want?” She said it almost excitedly.
“Any catch?” Do I get to know what they look like and what… ‘status’ they are?” she asks skeptical.
“Yup and there’s no catch. But…. There’s one more thing you’ve gotta do for me.” he said licking his lips happily.
Rhyn tilted her head. “What is it?”
Kiri leaned in and kissed her a quick 3 second kiss before Rhyn could try and smack him. She was to stunned by him actually kissing her. “you gotta kiss me to ‘feed’ me and keep me in this world~”
Rhyn stared at him the got this embarrassed mad look on her face as she pushed him off her bed “YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!”

Just by the little ‘energy’ he gained by kissing her that time Rhyn’s parents believed that they were letting a friend of Rhyns live with them for a awhile because his parents were gone on ‘vacation’.
Rhyn came downstairs and saw her dad and Kiri talking. “Wh-what are you two doing?”
Rhyn’s dad smiles “Talking about you.”
“WHAT?” Rhyn said glaring at Kiri.
Kiri smiled “What? Can’t friends talk about friends?”
Rhyn sighed and grabbed a sandwich she had made the evening before and nibbled on it. “Come on Kiri. School.”
Kiri looked back and nodded. He even got himself into the school mainframe as a new student. The things he can do. “Coming~” He said bowing to Rhyn’s dad then chasing after Rhyn.

They entered school and everyone was so interested in meeting Kiri.
‘I can’t see why.’ Rhyn thought ‘well…’
Kiri stayed at Rhyn’s side, he didn’t care about anyone else. She was his only source of energy and fun.
“Hey. You. New kid.” Misty called. “Come here.”
Kiri looked her up and down and laughed. “Nah, its more pleasant over here.”
Misty blinked then a rush of red took over her face.
Rhyn laughed softly and Kiri saw. “You look nice when you smile.” he said sincerer.
She turned red then saw Ravi. ‘oh shit what now?’ “Uh, Morning Ravi.”
Ravi smiled “Yeah, Morning.” he then looked over to Kiri. He tried to size him up but Ravi wasn’t a tough guy so he backed down “Wh-who’re you?”
“Kiri.” he said simply, he could feel the nervousness coming off of him and the jealousness.
“Ar-are you staying with Rhyn?” He asked quietly.
“Yup.” He said trying to sound not interested but then couldn’t help but say what he was thinking “Jealous?”
Ravi turned neon red up to his ears then turned away “No just curious. Nice to meet you Kiri.” He began to walk to class.
Rhyn stared at Kiri “Ravi doesn’t like me. We are childhood friends!”
Kiri shook his head “Nothing penetrates that thick skull of yours does it?”
Rhyn stared angrily at Kiri then nudged his ribcage “What ever Dream weaver.”
Kiri chuckled “That’s your best?”
“Yup.” The shared a hard laugh to class together.

Lunch rolled around and all of Rhyns friends were so curious about Kiri:
“Do you have eyes?”
“Yes, I just prefer my hair like this.”
“How long have you known Rhyn?”
“Long enough~”
“Are you two dating?”
“Yeah… Yeah we ar-------” Rhyn slapped him. “No.”
Everyone laughed.
“Wow~! Your so interesting~!” Chloe said.
“Kind of Creepy around the edges but you’ll fit in.” Ari Giggled
Ravi sat his back to the main group jealous of How close Kiri is to Rhyn and no one knew about him.
Laura smiled “You two look like a couple, it’s cute ~”
Rhyn choked on some juice then face tabled in the lunch room “Please don’t say such things Laura please.”
Everyone laughed again.
Kiri rubbed Rhyns back “you’ll get use to it.”
Rhyn sprayed the rest or her juice at him at his face at least. “Maybe not so much.”
Kiri gave Rhyn a slightly angry look then pulled her over to the bath rooms where no one currently was.
“W-what?” Rhyn asked pulling out a napkin “Here use this.”
“No.” Kiri said staring Rhyn in the eyes.
“What?” she asked turning red.
Kiri kissed her again this time it was all sticky and sweet from the juice but this time Rhyn pushed him away panting a bit from not breathing when attacked. “Why here…?” She asked keeping her eyes from his.
“… you wouldn’t understand.” he sighed then ruffled Rhyns hair “Hey, I’m sorry ok? I just… Don’t play nice alright?”
Rhyn nods. “Ok…”
Kiri stares at her almost feeling bad for what he did. “Forgive me please…”
Rhyn looks up and him though her bangs again “Alright… I forgive you this time…”
Kiri smiled “Thanks…”
Rhyn grabbed his hand.
Kiri stared at the hands “Uh…?”
“lets go.” she said blushing and walking out from behind the wall.
Kiri smiled nearly blushing himself. “Alright
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3) Do You Believe In Nightmares?
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