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 What Would Your Super Power Be?

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: : Oh god what is this
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PostSubject: What Would Your Super Power Be?   Wed Apr 16, 2008 10:41 pm


My results:

Super Intelligence

Knowledge. It has been the one characteristic that has pushed you farther than all of your peers. Schooling just came easier to you than the rest of the students. You found yourself the top of your class before you knew what hit you. Though, it may have gone to your head before you knew it as well. Science, mathematics, literature, etc; I didn't matter what subject, you could ace them all. Teachers began promoting you grades as your intelligence grew. Whats more, you rarely even had to study. All of it just seemed to come naturally.
Friends looked to you for not only help in grades, but advice in their lives. You became their guide and tutor; but none of it bothered you, both came to you effortlessly. As you grew, grades turned into promotions. You made your way to the top too fast for heads to turn.
Now, your power has manifested and you have gone from natural genius to several levels higher. Although this power has nothing physical about it, nor can it harm or heal, but it can grant you the ability to construct something that can. As well, you will be able to solve whatever problems come to you and judge the right path of action in any time of trouble. But, like with all other powers, you have to use this with responsibility. Will you choose to help mankind, or destroy it?

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Clam Ninja


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PostSubject: Re: What Would Your Super Power Be?   Fri Apr 18, 2008 4:07 pm


Fire. If anyone had to guess, very few would not choose it if they were asked what power suited you. Everyone always talks about how youre short tempered and out of control. But its just not the case. You just find it harder to accept things than everyone else, whats wrong with that? So what if you get angry? Everyone has to every now and then.
Your childhood wasnt exactly the most cherishing. Whether your parents fought, you had cruel siblings, you were deemed a troubled child, or you simply had no one to talk to, you grew up with little to express yourself with. Such few at hand, you learned to bottle your emotions up. Some call this unhealthy, and perhaps it is. But, if you never bottled up your emotions, who knew what other power you would have.
As you went through school, you immediately got the reputation as a firebrand and rebel. Teachers found it that you were angrier with them than they were with you. Most of the times you would be able to slyly talk your way out of it, but, every now and then, would come one of your outbreaks. Fighting was a problem, if someone got up in your face and would not back down you would always throw the first punch. Hey, if they wanted a fight, so be it.
With this sort of personality, no doubt you belong with the Fire Starters. Now, having learned of your power, there are only two emotions you have to control:
Anger: Your fury is rarely matched by anyone. But, beware, too much of it will only harm yourself and others (not always your enemy)
Calm: Although it may seem that becoming calm is the ultimate way to master your powers, becoming too calm and completely demolishing your anger will only extinguish Pyrokinesis. As unhealthy as anger and bottled rage sound, they are the fuel of your fires and need to be managed, not conquered, if you are to be in control of your abilities
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: : Broken Hearted, Dying Slowly and YOU Still Don't Care
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PostSubject: Re: What Would Your Super Power Be?   Thu Jul 10, 2008 5:01 pm

Freedom. You possess one of the few abilities that everyone on the world has wanted at some point in their life. The ability to escape, to free yourself from any bonds and soar away from your troubles.
Everyone around you feels, to you, like another restraint. Ever since childhood you have hated rules, laws, donts, and orders. You always cut in line, ignored the teacher, and ran away from home. Not because you were a bad person or because you enjoyed it, but because you felt trapped. You have always felt like you needed a release from the laws that force you to the ground.
Now, you have discovered one law that cant hold you anymore. You can finally defy the most powerful law that has ever controlled you. Gravity. With Flight, you escape to the skies and look down at the hypocrisy below you with smirking disrespect. With it you are now totally free from land and can explore the unlimited space of the sky. And by simply jumping into the air.
Unlike other superpowers, control of Flight only comes with the need to defy and reject. You dont have to worry about your power consuming you or hurting others. This ability, although dangerous if used evilly, cannot become out of your control unless you allow it to be. Feeding off anger, rejection, sadness, turmoil, happiness, chaos, joy, and tranquility; the aspect of your flight that your emotions affect is speed. While the unemotional may be able to levitate, it is the truly out of control that understand Flights true purpose and reach the Sound Barrier. But it is important to remember, flight is nothing unless you have somewhere to escape to
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Mister Burke

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PostSubject: Re: What Would Your Super Power Be?   Mon Sep 28, 2009 10:26 am

Probability Manipulation
Luck. Its as simple as that. Through your life you have always been either incredibly lucky or looking up at the middle finger of God. Rarely in your life has it been in the middle. Very few times in your life have you experienced the average or moderate. You either failed the final or passed with flying colors. Either way, it seemed that your attitude has the most effect on the outcome.
Whenever youre optimistic and happy, you always have great results. You go into work, having your cup of coffee and smile on your face, you leave with a promotion. You get into a fight, completely confident in yourself, and you end up breaking the other guys nose.
If you are pessimistic and angry, the consequences are terrible. A teacher approaches you, handing you a failed quiz, you slip a moment later and bruise your forehead on the desk. You become angered at an obnoxious guy at the bar, you end up getting in a wreck later in the day.
Emotional control, although not as important in this power as it is in others, is a powerful aspect of this ability. If you want to focus on the good luck and the curses, you will have to control both your happiness and your rage. Not only that, but you will also have to focus on what your happiness and rage will be towards. If you are simply angry, then your curses may affect anyone and everyone. On the other hand, if you pinpoint your emotion but not sure which of the two you are feeling, you may end up hurting the person you were trying to help or vice versa
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PostSubject: Re: What Would Your Super Power Be?   Mon Oct 05, 2009 6:53 am

Weather Direction and Manipulation
Emotion. You have always let them rule you. As far as you can remember, it has been go with the flow and see where it takes you. People always tend to describe you as unpredictable and wild at times. Actually, that was always the adults who talked of you like that when you were younger. Now its just senior citizens; the people your age use the terms fun and loose instead.
But, you also have your calm moments. There are times when you seem much older than you really are and it is at these times that people come to you for advice. You have always known how to have a good time, but have also had a sort of small parental feel towards your friends.
Having been in control of many projects most of your life, its no surprise that your abilities manifested into the power of controlling the atmospheric world. The irony of Weather Control is that, you are consciously rarely in control. Your emotions rule you, whether you like it or not.
Growing up, you were always sad when it rained and happy when it was sunny. Little did you know that this was not so, it rained because you were sad and cleared up when you were happy. One angry thought can build a gust of wind into a hurricane. A loving embrace has the power the calm a tornado. Your emotional state determines the state of everything around you.
Though you have grown up learning to control your wild emotions, now you must learn in a different way. Before you could think what you wanted so long as you did not act. Now you must control your thoughts or you may tear the roof from your home. Aggression is you worst rival, for whenever you enter a fight, lightning strikes your enemy without you knowing it.
Weather Manipulation is the most out of control and untamed of the abilities, strictly fueled by emotional escalations until you overcome it. But, when you learn to take control of the natural power within you, how far you may go may be limitless

I conrol the weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: What Would Your Super Power Be?   Tue Oct 06, 2009 6:59 pm

The Super Lion has yet to give me my new super power.
Such a shame.
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PostSubject: Re: What Would Your Super Power Be?   

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What Would Your Super Power Be?
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