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PostSubject: THEY STOLE OUR IDEA~! XD   Sun Jan 03, 2010 11:00 pm

Name Alexandra
Age 16
Mother Seychelles
Father Cuba
Brother Liechtenstein
Sister Liechtenstein
Wife America
Husband Prussia
Best Friend Austria
Pet Liechtenstein
Aunt Cuba
Uncle Italy
Crazy Uncle in a Mental Hospital Iceland
Fanboy Japan
Fangirl Egypt
Nephew Denmark
Neice Cuba
Guy Who Lives Under Your Porch Sealand
Stalker Seychelles
Evil Boss Belarus
Annoying Co-Worker Belgium
Cousin Canada
Other Cousin Denmark
Homeless Person at the Gas Station Germany
Scary Aunt Denmark
Son Turkey
Daughter Belarus
Daughter's Annoying Best Friend Who Always Wants t Liechtenstein
Homeless man who eats all the food out of the iceb Iceland
Bunny Poland
Assassin Austria
Guy who used to date your husband Russia
Famous guy who is very distantly related to you Spain
Worst Enemy Belarus
Person you'd prefer to marry over who you did marr Denmark
Cheeseburger salesman Seychelles
Guy who keeps asking you to buy insurance Sealand
Ruler of the World Spain
Crossdresser who stalks your mentally insane uncle Turkey
Mattress salesman Latvia
Hairdresser Finland
Guy on the eHarmony adverts Austria
Person with Serial Killer Sunglasses Turkey
Actual Serial Killer Russia
Maid Spain
That Awesome Baseball Player Greece
Some Random Poor Farmer Seychelles
Rapper America
Man who sits in the train station begging for mone Italy
The person who sleeps on the roof and snores loudl America
Guy who lives in the lion's cage at the zoo Hungary
Person who seriously drinks too much coffee China
Smartest Person in the world EVER Italy
Guy who reeks of money Cuba
Emo Kid Italy
Guy who sells eggs Switzerland
Great Aunt Sealand
Great Aunt's Driveway Greece
Nerd who ecstasieses about you America
Person who randomly shouts YOU LIE during speeches Sealand
World's Sassiest Dancer Latvia
Little kid who believes in monsters China
Ballerina Egypt
Crazy guy who tries to kidnap children Italy
Crazy Cat Lady Iceland
Teacher who spits when they talk Lithuania
Stalker on News 10 with a creepy accent Estonia
Sparkly vampire Poland
Diner cook who makes good hashbrowns Korea
starving artist Korea
neighbour who won Deal or no Deal South Italy
mental person who thinks a mannequin is their daug Turkey

The only thing Im happy about is that out of all the random shit I got prussia was my husband =w=
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PostSubject: Re: THEY STOLE OUR IDEA~! XD   Sun Jan 03, 2010 11:36 pm


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