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 Minnesota-Tan - 'Cold Hands'

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: : Oh god what is this
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PostSubject: Minnesota-Tan - 'Cold Hands'   Wed Dec 30, 2009 2:53 am

This fanfic is a result of me being frustrated at not being able to draw :/

Takes place just a couple days ago, when we had that 'blizzard'. I exaggerated a bit, but, yeah XD
I think the northern states would love teasing the southern states with the cold

Horray for a non-emo story that is really random~

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: : Oh god what is this
Female Libra Rooster Age : 24
Number of posts : 3252
Yen : 5727
Location : Watching too much everything
Languages : English, Japanese, German, Sindarin, Some Swedish
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PostSubject: Re: Minnesota-Tan - 'Cold Hands'   Wed Dec 30, 2009 2:53 am

Florida knew there was something wrong, she could feel it in the very room. Some… Cold vibration…
“Aaron, Caroline, do you two feel anything strange in this room?” Florida asked the two next to her in a hushed tone.
“What’re you talkin’ ‘bout? I ain’t feel nothin’ ‘strange’ ‘round here.” Texas sneered slightly at Florida.
“I mus’ agree with Aaron here. Sorry, hun.” Alabama smiled delicately.
“Hmm… Fine…” Florida tightened her black ponytail and shuffled a few papers around, preparing for the meeting.
“Ya ready?” Someone mumbled in the corner of the room.
Florida whipped her head around to the source of the noise, but nothing was there. Her deep brown eyes turned to slits and she scanned the area, nothing.
“Ya’re goin’ crazy, Jessica.” Texas chuckled and his sky blue eyes sparkled in amusement.
“No, I’m not! You two just can’t--!”
“Go!” Shouted someone.
Suddenly, four teenage boys sprung out from behind and grabbed the three southern states.
“OMG, THAT’S COLD!” Florida screamed in fear.
“WHAT ARE YA’LL DOIN’?! THAT’S FREAKIN’ COLD!” Texas roared and tried to break free, but someone had bound his hands behind his back.
“Feeeeeeel the cooooooooold~!” Wisconsin smirked as his hands moved to Alabama’s stomach.
“EEEEEEEK!” Alabama shrieked.
“Wimps!” Called North Dakota as he poked Florida in the back, where skin was conveniently showing.
“-20 degrees! Can ya feel it?!” Minnesota laughed as his freezing hands were binding Texas’ behind his broad back.
Iowa slapped his hands to Florida’s face. “Ya almost caught us, too!”
Within all the screaming and laughing, none of them noticed a rapidly advancing America, with a worried Mississippi in tow.
“What’s going on here?” His voice boomed over the noise.
The states stopped giggling and yelling, but the northern states’ hands were still making the southern ones freeze and shiver.
“Let go of ‘em, guys.” America sighed and the states complied reluctantly.
New York coughed and pointed at the time, which was five minutes past the meeting start time. America glanced at the clock and rubbed his temples.
“You know I’m having a rough time with the recession right now, guys. So, please, be quiet. My migraine is killing me.”
“Okay…” Chorused the four northern states as the three southern states smirked.
“Now, get to the meeting already. You’re all late!” America turned on his heel and began to walk back to the meeting room.
Minnesota turned to Wisconsin. “Don’t worry. Next blizzard, we’ll scare the crap outta ‘em.”
Wisconsin chuckled and glared at southern three, barely contenting his excitement for the next time.

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Minnesota-Tan - 'Cold Hands'
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