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 Minnesota-Tan - 'One Winter's Day'

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: : Oh god what is this
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PostSubject: Minnesota-Tan - 'One Winter's Day'   Sat Sep 05, 2009 10:41 pm

This fanfic was made out of booooooooooooredooooooooooooooooom

Uh, so, this one probably takes place in the mid 1800s. Before Minnesota was very populated and stuff. I'm probably screwing up all this history. They need to teach us better at school :/
This one's somewhat angsty, I guess. Angst is easy to write, luls
And I guess you could pair WIxMN, if you're into those incest-ish pairings or something. I think it sorta works, but I don't think I'll push it past 'brotherly affection' or anything
I think I also see Minnesota being pretty isolated because no one can stand his weather. So, he's a calm, artistic person. But, like Sweden, close friends can read hidden emotions. Wisconsin is kinda Denmark-ish, actually. And Minnesota's, like, a hybrid of Norway and Iceland, but talks quite a bit more than them
Minnesota is either gonna be given 'VIKING RAAAAAAGE' when he's extremely angry or drunk. I'm not sure which. Maybe both. Doubt I'll write a fanfic about that for awhile. I fail at extreme emotions orz
Oh, and I'm slightly overdoing the accent. I think my parents raised me even higher on the 'Our-daughter-is-insane' scale, if that's possible. I keep speaking the lines and seeing how I can write it exactly how I speak it XD;;

Enjoy my crappy writing yet again :D


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: : Oh god what is this
Female Libra Rooster Age : 24
Number of posts : 3252
Yen : 5726
Location : Watching too much everything
Languages : English, Japanese, German, Sindarin, Some Swedish
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PostSubject: Re: Minnesota-Tan - 'One Winter's Day'   Sat Sep 05, 2009 10:43 pm

It was another day of another long, harsh winter, when Minnesota heard a knock at the wooden door. He almost jumped out of his seat by the fire when the sound resonated off the walls. His house was lonely, housing only him, but he had learned that people just couldn’t stand his weather and usually left not long after arriving. This had been true with the few countries who had ever visited him and a couple states, too. America always complained about the cold, France shuddered in his furry clothes, Spain didn’t dare come even close. Canada was even uncomfortable in the warm summers and the Nordics were confused with his bipolar storms. The only person he could think of that ever managed to stay and visit with him longer than a week in any weather was Wisconsin, who was almost a brother, despite not having blood connections.
Minnesota slowly got up from his spot as the knocking continued, leaving his warm place by the fire to the cold and solid remainder of the house. His thoughts continued to ponder who it could be, since he had not heard from Wisconsin in years now, nor any of his other neighbors. It might be a native or a citizen, but he doubted that, since he was staying in his secluded cabin.
Reaching the door, he pushed up on his tiptoes and peeked through the eyehole. His blue-gray eyes caught a glimpse of brown hair under a green-ish cap, but his toes gave in on him and fell short of the eyehole before he could see more of the stranger. Sighing, he decided to open the door and meet the person face to face.
“Sven! Nice t’ see ya again!” Called the adolescent voice as the door opened. There was Wisconsin, his brown hair in a different cut and green eyes dulled a little, tired, yet his face was smiling. This Wisconsin was much older than Minnesota remembered him, towering a good foot over the ironically larger state.
Before Minnesota could reply, Wisconsin let himself in and locked Minnesota in a tight embrace. Minnesota shuddered as snow fell off the other’s coat and landed on his sweater, still toasty from the fire, but now getting wet and chilled.
Despite the uncomfortable pose at first, Minnesota found it was familiar and nostalgic. Though, as quickly as Wisconsin had hugged him, he let go. “So, what’ve ya been up to?” He asked nonchalantly, like he had seen Minnesota just yesterday.
Minnesota’s eye’s rippled, and Wisconsin took notice. He didn’t realize how much he had missed that unique trait of his almost-brother. His eyes always resembled the thousands of lakes in his borders which he was named after, and the surface always seemed to ripple when he was being emotional. Though, Minnesota wasn’t one to always show his emotions, being a calm one. But Wisconsin knew his many emotions well, despite what other people thought they knew about his almost-brother state.
“I was just sittin’ by th’ fire like usual…” Minnesota replied, his eyes flickering still, he didn’t understand why Wisconsin had come out of nowhere and looked so different. Then again, he supposed it had been at least ten years since their last encounter.
Wisconsin grinned, but was met with an uncomfortable silence. His smile tightened and lowered a bit, trying to think of anything else to say. Fortunately, his body shivered due to the snow melting on him and Minnesota noticed.
“Would you like t’ warm up?” His voice asked softly, eyes still rippling with emotion.
Wisconsin nodded, trying to grin again, but found it was much too hard when the room felt like it was filled with mist made out of more uncomfortable silence and tension.
Minnesota gracefully turned on his heel and started forward through his cabin. He was slightly surprised Wisconsin had even found him here. Wisconsin had probably not even been inside for twenty, maybe thirty years. He wanted to smile and hug him back when he had arrived, but something held him back. Wisconsin was his almost-brother and extremely familiar to him, but he had changed now and wasn’t quite the same person he knew. As he reached the fire again, he half-turned to Wisconsin and offered the blanket he was using just a while ago.
Wisconsin found his grin and accepted it, sitting down next to the fire. The tension was still there, but it was almost like the fire was melting at the ice-like silence ever so slightly.
“Hot cocoa?” Minnesota asked, still standing beside him.
“Sure.” Wisconsin looked up to Minnesota. The blond haired boy had grown in the last ten years, but was still lagging behind him. He wondered if Minnesota kept up relations with any other states or countries, but deep inside, he knew he didn’t. Minnesota was only really talkative to Wisconsin, it seemed. Canada was friendly with Minnesota, too, but Canada was a country and had international things to attend to, which made him much more busy than territories and states. Other than that, Wisconsin couldn’t think of any others Minnesota was friends with. America tended to ignore him, being a Midwestern state, and other states were intimidated by his weather.
Before he knew it, Minnesota had returned with two mugs of hot cocoa and sat down a few feet from Wisconsin, handing him a red mug of the steaming drink. Wisconsin was reminded of this same scene, it seemed to repeat whenever they visited each other in the winter and was something of tradition. But, most of those memories were caused by the two playing in the snow, sledding, building statues of white and so on. Not filled up with tension like this. Well, besides one time when they were having an ice fishing competition and kept glaring at each other over the mugs filled with their sweet drink. But even that was merely playful.
Minnesota shivered lightly, his sweater still soaked in places. Wisconsin glanced over to him, Minnesota’s blue-gray eyes reflecting the fire’s image, and it didn’t seem right. Like having a fire under water. Wisconsin shifted over to Minnesota’s side and wrapped half of the blanket around him. Minnesota glanced at Wisconsin warily, but accepted his offer and clenched the side with his empty hand.
What had happened to them? Those days playing on the ice and snow, proud to stand up to General Winter, and those days in the summer, swimming and fishing to their hearts’ content? Were they gone now? Minnesota was now eleven, appearance wise, but Wisconsin looked almost fifteen. Adolescence still showed on their features, but their eyes both reflected a much older age. Minnesota sighed, he was probably the one making this tension. He was pretty sure of it, actually. Wisconsin was happily hugging him earlier, but he had not hugged back or done anything but stand there.
“Why did you leave me?” Minnesota found himself asking, his face barely turned to the older looking state, but eyes still on the fire.
Wisconsin’s eyes jolted over to the side to look at Minnesota. Did he just hear that, or was his mind playing a trick on him? “… What do ya mean?” Was his reply.
Minnesota frowned lightly. “I’ve been alone for years now. You said you’d come back th’ next summer, but ya never did…”
Wisconsin noticed the glint of sadness in Minnesota’s eyes. So, he had been right. Minnesota was alone all these years. Guilt pained him slightly, but he took a sip of his hot cocoa and replied. “Bein’ a state isn’t fun sometimes. I had so much to do.” Minnesota turned a bit more to him, his eyes telling him he didn’t believe the words coming from Wisconsin’s mouth. Wisconsin smiled. “But does it really matter? I’m here now.”
Minnesota’s gaze returned to the fire and he sighed. Wisconsin did come in the winter, which kinda proved he cared, but wasn’t quite enough for the state. Being isolated for ten years, not experienced enough to go visit people on his own, really did take a toll on him. The past ten years had reminded him of his earlier years, the time after the Nordics left and before France came. He even noticed that he fell into the same activities as those years, wandering around forests and staring at things for unknown amounts of time. Though, what Wisconsin had said was right. He was there now and Minnesota didn’t know how much time he had to stay. He turned his head to Wisconsin, who was now gazing at the fire and leaned onto his arm. Wisconsin seemed to stiffen for a moment, but relaxed. “Ya know…” Minnesota adjusted his head to a slightly more comfortable position on Wisconsin’s upper arm and slid a few inches closer to him. “… I really did miss you.”

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Minnesota-Tan - 'One Winter's Day'
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