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 What Wolf's Rain Character Are You?

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: : Oh god what is this
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PostSubject: What Wolf's Rain Character Are You?   Tue Apr 15, 2008 4:30 pm

Test is here...

My results:


You are a bit confused as a person, not really knowing where you fit in. When you stop giving yourself philosophical headaches, you are fiercely loyal to your friends and loved ones. You have a distinctly dry sense of humor, so you should get along well with the Cher-type people.

In a lover, you want a person who can be lighthearted and cheerful enough to startle you out of your gloomy moods. You want somebody who can make you laugh, but who has a serious underside. Good luck with that; I suggest you take a look at the people who get the 'Hige' result.

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PostSubject: Re: What Wolf's Rain Character Are You?   Tue Apr 15, 2008 5:51 pm


The tough guy. You don't genuinely care about much of anyone or anything. And denial's just a river in Egypt.

In reality you do care, in your own way. You would rather die than admit it, but you actually need your friends as much as they need you. They had better be prepared to match you in stubborn-ness: it takes you a while to warm up to people.

You enjoy power, but it doesn't suit you: you are more prepared to use people for your own means than to actually work for them. There's nothing inherently wrong with this- just don't run for public office.
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What Wolf's Rain Character Are You?
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